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fic advent masterlists

day one
exo-m gen | pg | 1k words
"A member of EXO-M (or maybe all the members?) has a crush on Translator Jiejie."

day two
exo, kris/suho | nc-17 | 1.6k words
au. "Kris/Suho. Manager Suho takes care of his idol Wu Fan very well."

day three
exo, kris/yixing | pg | 800 words
"yixing is jealous of alpaca-chan u____u (and kris finds this endlessly amusing and likes that he finally gets to tease yixing abt something)"

day four
exo, kai/sehun | pg | 820 words
prompt was this picture. subway date in london.

day five
exo, kai/tao | pg-13 | 1.7k words
prompt was this song, so naturally it became a high school prom au.

day six
exo, baekhyun/tao | r | 630 words
"Finding ways to shamelessly flirt even when they are in different countries"

day seven
exo, baekhyun/suho | pg | 700 words
au. "I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few."

day eight
exo, yixing/minseok | pg | 1.3k words
au. "xiumin works at a glass factory and lay is a young nobleman who falls in love with his glass sculptures (and with him)."

day nine
infinite, hoya/woohyun | pg-13 | 1.7k words
au. "pirate au, hoya-centric."

day ten
exo, chanyeol/kai | pg | 5.3k words
“I'm battling monsters, I'm pulling you out of the burning buildings
and you say I'll give you anything but you never come through.”
― Richard Siken

day eleven
exo, kai/luhan | pg | 1.3k words
prompt was this picture. au, kai is coincidence, luhan is fate

day twelve
exo, kai-centric (kai/yixing, kai/luhan, kai/chanyeol, kai/kris) | pg-13 | 2.6k words
au. "Traveling is like flirting with life. It's like saying, 'I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station."

day thirteen
exo, tao/luhan | pg | 2.1k words
au. "tao knows what he wants". could be read like it takes place earlier in time in the same universe as baby, you're my style, if you squint

day fourteen
exo, kris/baekhyun/chanyeol | pg | 3.8k words
au. "someone feeling like a third-wheel"

day fifteen
exo, kai/tao | pg | 2.4k words
au. someone gets a piercing.

day sixteen
exo, kai/sehun | pg | 1.8k words
au. "You can love someone so much...But you can never love people as much as you can miss them."

day seventeen
exo, chanyeol/baekhyun | pg | 1.5k words
au. "one of them makes a living acting in informercials, the other is his #1 fan who ends up ordering dubious products"

day eighteen
infinite, hoya/dongwoo | pg | 650 words
dongwoo has silly traditions and hoya takes it all in stride

day nineteen
exo/block b, kris/zico | pg | 5.5k words
harry potter au. kris x zico. zico teaches him how to play quidditch c'mon.

day twenty
dmtn, simon/jeesu | pg | 1.5k words
au. domestic marrieds (and you are welcome to make this dorky dads as well)

day twenty one
exo, sehun/luhan/kai | pg-13 | 4.1k words
au. mission impossible

day twenty two
exo, chanyeol/kai | nc-17 | 2k words
au very very loosely based on exo-k's ivy club photoshoots

day one
secret, hana/hyosung | nc-17 | 3.6k words
""high school au. hyosung is a cheerleader and hana is the awkward new kid (just write me some girl on girl smut hehe)"

day two
exo, kai/chanyeol | pg | 1.3k words
"CHANYEOL AND PUPPIES. look, i just really really really have a thing with fucking chanyeol and fucking jongin and fucking puppies. not like. actually. fucking. but you know. chanyeol and jongin and puppies."

day three
exo, suho/kai | g | 4.1k words
"something fluffy and painfully low-rated where high school senior kai is madly in love with suho the part-timer at the local bookstore and spends the summer before college getting to know him with book puns."

day four
exo, chanyeol/suho | pg-13 | 1.3k words
"chanyeol gets suho high and they go to taco bell and do other things that high people do."

day five
btob, hyunsik/minhyuk | pg-13 | 1.1k words
"I'd really like otaku/nerd piques the closet nerd!popular kid's interest school AU or just manga dates in general ;u; ♥"

day six
exo, kris/chanyeol | pg-13 | 1.7k words
"KrisYeol~ Chanyeol wants to learn to swim and his teacher wants to teach him how

day seven
exo, xiumin/chen/kai | pg | 1.1k words
"Jongdae and Jongin are Minseok's kitties. They're naughty. But tons of fun."

day eight
exo, kris/kai | nc-17 | 2.4k words
"how about they accidentally get locked in a bathroom together and ~magic~ happens."

day nine
exo, kai-centric, kai/kyungsoo, kai/yixing | pg | 2.6k words
sort of based on the prompt "we were on two different pages, going two different places" and also the lyrics for's waiting for you but mostly just self-indulgence ft jongin and a puppy WHOOPS

day ten
exo, kai/kyungsoo | pg | 900 words
"where kyungsoo is new rookie astronaut , and jongin is an engineer at the space station."

day eleven
exo, chanyeol/kyungsoo | pg | 1.1k words
"so much of me wants someone to write adult chanyeol with a son and a puppy or something."

day twelve
exo, kai/tao | pg-13 | 900 words
"catboy!tao and puppyboy!kai run away from the store that owns them, explore the outside world for a bit, hide from the rain and make out"

day thirteen
exo, kai/chanyeol | pg-13 | 900 words
"chankai :3 playfighting and being dumb competitive boys"

day fourteen
exo, kris/kai | pg | 980 words
further continuation of this au

day fifteen
infinite, hoya/seo inguk | pg | 1.9k words
"AU where they are cast in an action movie together."

day sixteen
exo, baekhyun/kyungsoo | pg | 860 words
"It's a cold december and kyungsoo wants baekhyun to warm him up."

day seventeen
m.i.b., gen | pg | 1.3k words

day eighteen
block b, u-kwon-centric, u-kwon/jun sunhye | r for violence | 3k words
au based on block b's be the light mv and heavily featuring u-kwon's irl gf, model jun sunhye!!

day nineteen
exo, kris/yixing | r for violence | 2k words
"fanxing, anything goes but supernatural (NOT THE TV SHOW) elements would be gr9."

day twenty
exo, tao/chen | pg-13 | 1.2k words
"taochen!! xmas theme! like mistletoe or something."

day twenty-one
exo&b.a.p, suho/himchan | pg-13 | 1.7k words
"girl!Suho/Himchan? Hehehe! Joonmyun goes on a blind date and is really fussy and is so worried that Jongdae, her girl friend, shakes her to stop being hysterical and then when Joonmyun goes she finds that Himchan is actually someone she knows from a long time ago."

day twenty-two
exo, suho/xiumin | pg | 1.1k words
"Xiuho - At a train station/Airport. Sweaters."

day twenty-three
exo&b.a.p, himchan/suho | pg | 1.6k words
"can I req himchan/suho, a gangnam christmas??" sequel to this drabble

day twenty-four
exo, kai/chanyeol | pg-13 | 2k words
"kaiyeol. something with sailing and cold water and flannel and bundling up with one another and fucking by the fire and forests and foggy mornings."

day twenty-five
exo, kris/luhan | pg-13 | 1.6k words
i can't remember the prompt anymore but this is lu han being happy with a bf on new year's eve!!!