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fic advent 2013: day twenty-three

for [personal profile] cinderellaboy
pg, 1.6k words
"can I req himchan/suho, a gangnam christmas??" sequel to this drabble

What do you get someone who’s got everything? That’s the dilemma that Himchan has been struggling with for months.

Maybe he’s overthinking it. After all, what he has with Joonmyun, it’s not precisely what he’d call a relationship. Mostly because the two of them have never actually discussed it. They go on dates regularly, Himchan attends dinners with Joonmyun on his arm, and if he’s honest, Himchan hasn’t slept with anyone else in months. Not that he’s ever told Joonmyun that. Still, he wants to get him something good.

The problem is, they’re both filthy rich, and the last gift Joonmyun got was a car. It’s hard to top a piece of machinery like that. And does he really want to?

He still feels a bit uneasy when he shows up at Joonmyun’s place on Christmas Eve, gift in hand. As much as he pretends otherwise, Himchan is really that confident. And honestly, he likes Joonmyun. He’s sure that Joonmyun would laugh if he found out, though, so he keeps it to himself.

“There you are,” Joonmyun says when he opens the door, smile wide. “I’ve been waiting for you.” He ushers Himchan in and doesn’t hesitate to help him out of his jacket. It’s a chivalrous gesture on the surface, but Joonmyun sweeps one hand down Himchan’s back to straighten his shirt and his hand lingers on Himchan’s ass. Himchan raises an eyebrow but Joonmyun doesn’t look at him, lips quirked up as he hangs up Himchan’s jacket. Tease.

“I wasn’t late,” Himchan points out. He follows Joonmyun into his living room, and as always, he’s struck by how nice it is. Joonmyun’s got a good eye for design, and this isn’t something out of a catalogue. No one picked it out for him. It’s all Joonmyun, from the carefully framed pictures of his friends to the comfortable couch and soft rugs.

Joonmyun shrugs. He reaches for a bottle of wine and wiggles it at Himchan. “It’s been a while,” he says, and Himchan has to turn his head so that Joonmyun won’t see the way that his heart jumps a little. He’s in over his head.

They settle on the couch, wine glasses in hand and Joonmyun’s feet in Himchan’s lap. “I wish you could come with me to Christmas dinner tomorrow,” Joonmyun laments, digging his toes into Himchan’s thighs. “Save me from my parents.”

Himchan knows the feeling. He loves his parents dearly, but family dinners are always a stilted affair at his home. Nothing like watching his sister and mother get progressively passive aggressive at each other about grandchildren and past offenses. Himchan needs a great deal of wine to get through those nights. “I could,” he says. “I’m very charming, mothers love me. Maybe a little too much. Your mother’s a very attractive - hey!” Joonmyun grins and settles his foot back in Himchan’s lap and Himchan rubs his sore belly. Joonmyun’s never been that coordinated but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a surprising amount of strength.

“Stop,” Joonmyun laughs. “Please don’t insinuate that I will have to share you with my mother.”

It’s an opening, but Himchan doesn’t quite know how to take it, so he lets it pass. It’s easier to joke, to keep it light. That’s one skill that Himchan has honed over the years. It’ll be harder to joke around, of course, once he’s given Joonmyun his gift, but it’s fine. He’ll deal with that when he gets there. “I’m sure if you ask nicely, she’ll let you have me on the weekends,” Himchan suggests, and he savours the disgust on Joonmyun’s face.

“Enough!” Joonmyun says, bending forward to cover Himchan’s mouth with his hand. “Stop. No more. I can’t take it. Please.” Himchan quiets, but mostly because that hand on his mouth turns to a thumb on his lips, and then Joonmyun is bending nearly in half to kiss him. He’s always known the best way to shut Himchan up, and Himchan doesn’t even mind if it’s a tactic, because Joonmyun’s mouth is warm and familiar and this is the memory he’s going to use to carry himself through his tumultuous family dinner. He leans forward obligingly, one hand settled on the back of Joonmyun’s neck to keep him close. It’s going to take a lot to get him through Christmas dinner.

“Mmm, wait,” Joonmyun says after a few minutes, pulling away. His cardigan is a little bit rumpled now, his cheeks flushed, and Himchan is quite pleased by this effect. “I got you something for Christmas.” Himchan’s stomach lurches a little bit when he hears that and he can’t help the tiny jolt of relief. At least he’s not the only one on that page. “Hold on.”

When Joonmyun returns from his room, he’s only got a slim envelope in his hand. Ah, Himchan thinks. A card. Joonmyun always has been a stickler for the niceties. “It’s just a little - ” Joonmyun hesitates, sitting a hair too far away from Himchan. “I mean - just open it.” He thrusts the envelope into Himchan’s hands.

Himchan looks at him sidelong for a second, brows furrowed, but then he turns the envelope over in his hands, sliding a finger under the flap. “I got you something too,” he admits, and Joonmyun offers him a quick smile. The card is as nice as Himchan had known it would be, thick, heavy paper, beautifully done, some seasonal sentiment about wishing him the best holiday ever. It’s what’s inside that’s surprising. “Tickets…?”

Joonmyun clears his throat. “You keep saying you want to show me Tokyo,” he says, and Himchan blinks at him. He has said that, maybe once or twice, but he didn’t expect Joonmyun to remember it. Or do something to make it happen. Himchan looks over at him, and he’s not expecting the way ,Joonmyun stares fixedly on his hands in his lap. “It’s a bit much, I know, but I thought it’d be nice.”

“It’s wonderful,” Himchan assures Joonmyun, and he can feel the way that Joonmyun’s shoulders relax under his hand when he pulls him in, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. It is wonderful. The plane tickets are for mid-February, far enough away for Himchan to make preparations for a leave of absence. A whole week with Joonmyun. He hadn’t even been certain that Joonmyun would want that kind of thing.

In return, he tugs a little box out of his pocket. Joonmyun’s eyes go wide as he turns it over in his hands. He opens it to find a slim silver bracelet. Joonmyun doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, so Himchan had hesitated over the gift for a very long time, but in the end, he’d gone with it. It was simple, a short length of chain (he’d gotten it sized for Joonmyun’s small wrists), but the inside of two links bear his name, and Joonmyun’s. “Oh, wow,” Joonmyun says.

It’s too much, Himchan knows it, watching the way that Joonmyun toys with it. He should’ve gotten something simpler. “I know you’re not really into shiny things, it was just kind of a whim -”

He watches Joonmyun rub a thumb over the link with his own name on it. “I like it,” Joonmyun says. He fastens it on his wrist and Himchan is relieved that if nothing else, it fits well. Joonmyun looks down at the silver around his wrist thoughtfully, and he takes his time meeting Himchan’s gaze. “Are you trying to tell me something?” he asks gently.

Himchan is a master bluffer. “Of course not,” he scoffs, pointedly not looking at the way that Joonmyun taps a fingertip against the link that Himchan knows bears the characters of his name. “I just thought you might like to learn a little style, wear something flashy with those awful old man cardigans of yours.”

“It’s only been you,” Joonmyun says, his tone deceptively casual. “It’s only been you, since the first time.” He tips his head, looking at Himchan out of the corner of his eye.

“Oh,” Himchan says. He swallows, his chest tight.

“And I think,” Joonmyun says, his smile widening. “I think I might be the only one for you, too.” Himchan isn’t sure how to answer that, but Joonmyun doesn’t seem to need one. He laughs softly instead. “Maybe we should have a bit of a chat right now.”

“Should we?” Himchan asks, and Joonmyun rolls his eyes, hooking his fingers in Himchan’s collar and pulling him forward. Himchan has dated his share of people, but never really seriously, and this is a new feeling for him. He’s never felt so jittery and happy and weird in his life.

Joonmyun toys with his bracelet, his other hand still warm against Himchan’s throat. “You could come to dinner,” Joonmyun says lightly. “I could introduce you as my boyfriend.”

It’s got a nice ring to it. Himchan clicks his tongue. “What are we, high schoolers? How about ‘partner’?”

“Now you sound like a cowboy,” Joonmyun laughs, and he tips an imaginary hat. “Howdy, partner.”

Himchan raises an eyebrow and he grins. “Oppa,” he croons, and Joonmyun turns the most delightful shade of pink. Oh, Himchan is going to remember that one.

“Shut up,” Joonmyun says, and when he pulls him in again for a kiss, Himchan is more than willing to oblige.

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omg channie liking suho on the sly and keeping it under wraps because SUHO WOULD LAUGH lmao himchan please.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” LOLLING, suho PLEASE. (he was totally waiting to use that line akjhkawe)... ;u; /wibbles. suho's framed pictures of friends tho ♥;;

mothers love me kshjakjwe HIMCHAN PLEASE lmfao. Joonmyun’s never been that coordinated but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a surprising amount of strength. also thiiis *u* STARS IN MY EYES.

I'M SURE IF YOU ASK SHE'LL LET YOU HAVE ME ON WEEKENDS /CRYING. himchan pleaaaase, best (insecurest) class-A idiot. ;;u;; ♥♥♥ His cardigan is a little bit rumpled now, his cheeks flushed, and Himchan is quite pleased by this effect. *_____* prince charming getting messed up a little is maybe my favourite mental image in the world right now.


“Howdy, partner.” (and OPPA o m g) pmsl these two are the absolute LAMEST. ♥ I LOVE THEM BOTH. ♥ ;u; AND THIS. ♥ AND YOU. ♥ THANK YOU, K.