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fic advent 2013: day twenty-one

for [personal profile] airplanewishes
pg-13, 1.7k words
"girl!Suho/Himchan? Hehehe! Joonmyun goes on a blind date and is really fussy and is so worried that Jongdae, her girl friend, shakes her to stop being hysterical and then when Joonmyun goes she finds that Himchan is actually someone she knows from a long time ago."

“This is such a bad idea,” Joonmyun grumps, fixing her hair for the seven hundredth time. A blind date. Who even does those anymore? It all feels pretty silly.

“No,” Jongdae corrects her. She steps up behind Joonmyun, tugging her dress down and straightening the neckline. “No, it’s an amazing idea. It’s been ages since you put yourself out there. It’s time to meet a man.”

Joonmyun frowns, batting Jongdae’s hands away. “Thanks,” she says sharply. It’s not that Jongdae doesn’t have a point, really. Joonmyun has had her head in her career for so long that she hasn’t dated in, well, forever. Or ever, if she’s honest. She’d casually seen a few guys in college, but that was pretty much it. She’d been a girl on a mission. And now she’s finding herself a bit lonely, and she had finally given in to one of Jongdae’s dumb schemes. In retrospect, not her best moment.

“You know what I mean,” Jongdae says. “You need to spend a little less time at work, a little more time on you! You deserve it, you know.” She shakes her head. “I promise you, there is someone out there who is super into really lame girls who can’t dance and like incredibly hideous sweaters.” She looks pointedly at Joonmyun’s bed, where one such sweater lies abandoned on Jongdae’s insistence. “Just save those for the second date.”

The dress that Jongdae has picked out is slinkier than Joonmyun really tends to wear, but she does have to admit that her butt looks pretty great in it. “This is absurd,” Joonmyun sighs. She pushes at her hair again, pacing back and forth in front of the mirror. “I don’t even know this guy. You don’t even know this guy!”

“But Baekhyun does,” Jongdae counters. “They work together. Baekhyun says that he’s very polite and incredibly hard-working.” She grins. “And of course, he’s very handsome. You know that helps.”

Joonmyun flaps her hands. “I think that makes it worse,” she admits. It’s been ages since she went on any date. How can she do this? It’ll be so awkward and uncomfortable and - “Maybe we should just call it off.”

“Joonmyun.” She gasps when Jongdae grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her briskly. “You are a hot piece of ass and he is a hot piece of ass and it’s less than an hour until dinner and you will go.”

Strangely enough, though her neck hurts a little, Joonmyun feels a lot less rattled after that. “I guess it would be impolite to leave him there,” she admits.

Jongdae pushes a strand of Joonmyun’s hair out of her face and beams, pleased. “That’s my girl,” she says. “Now. Are you ready to go?”

Not even remotely. Joonmyun is shaking a little, uncomfortable in her heels and tugging at the hem of her dress. “Sure,” she says, with a false bravado that’s not fooling anyone at all. “I’m all set.”

Jongdae steers her towards the door and pushes her out with a resounding slap on the ass. “Have a good night!” she trills, and then she’s slamming the door behind Joonmyun.

Well, nowhere to go but forward. Joonmyun shifts her purse up on her shoulder and lifts her chin. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Right?


He’s late. Joonmyun sits at the table and clutches at her napkin. It’s cloth, and that feels so fancy when she’s alone, sipping water and wondering, a bit miserably, if she’s going to be stood up. She knew it was a bad idea, she never should’ve come if she was only going to be humiliated by some stranger. Maybe he’d seen her sitting here and decided he wasn’t to her taste. Maybe he was someone she’d known. Oh God, what if it was Yifan? If Jongdae tries to set them up one more time -

“Kim Joonmyun-ssi?” Joonmyun snaps out of her thoughts, turning as her date arrives. “Sorry I’m so late, work ran long but I couldn’t very well show up in a suit I’ve been sitting around in all day so I -” The man stops dead. “Joonmyun? Wow, this is not what I was expecting.”

“Kim Himchan?” Joonmyun’s jaw drops. She hasn’t seen Himchan in years, since they were counselors together at an arts summer camp. Three years in a row, they’d spent the summer together, Joonmyun looking after the drama kids and Himchan watching the classical musicians, and for three long years, Joonmyun had nursed a vicious crush on him. It’s funny, he looks just the same. His nose, still long and straight, his teeth just a little too rabbity to be truly handsome. This is terrible. “You’re my date?” Under the table, she grips her knees.

Himchan shrugs and laughs. “I guess so?” he says. He pulls out his chair, unbuttons his jacket with a practiced motion, and sits down. He’s handsome, still, and the suit he wears is expensive and tailored to his body. It makes a nice contrast to the Himchan she remembers, one who wore oversized shorts and horrible sweatshirts that even she thought were tacky. “What a small world. You know Baekhyun?”

Joonmyun smiles faintly. “Who doesn’t?” she asks. This feels a bit surreal, like an idle daydream come to life. She hasn’t even thought about Himchan in years, and yet here is her teenage crush, grown up and handsome, obviously successful. What exactly is he doing here. “So, ah, how have you been?” She cringes - such an empty question. “What do you do now?”

“I’m a banker,” he replies. She watches the ease with which he raises a hand to flag down a waiter, ordering them wine. He’s been here before. “It’s nothing glamourous, but it certainly pays well.” A banker. Joonmyun remembers Himchan and the single-minded determination with which he had pursued his music. They’d talked, once or twice, about their parents, and how their expectations were far different from what either of them actually wanted out of their lives. And yet here they are. Himchan is a banker and Joonmyun works in advertising. This is certainly not the way sixteen year old Joonmyun had expected their lives to turn out.

It should be much weirder than it is, but as Himchan relaxes into his seat, folding his napkin in his lap, Joonmyun feels some of the tension unwinding under her skin. It’s been so long, but that familiarity helps. She’d been so afraid of meeting some stranger, some man who would expect some chic, collected woman only to be disappointed by the Joonmyun he meets. It’s easier with Himchan. Even if they haven’t spoken in years, Himchan has already seen her with braces and bad skin, the same way she knew him back when he was self-conscious about his weight and had terrible, terrible hair. They’ve already seen each other at some pretty low points. There’s less to lose.

“How about you?” Himchan asks. He’s got his hair pushed up out of his face, and he looks so good. She watches him tug at his cuffs, loosen his tie just a little bit, and she realizes that he’s faking it. He’s nervous too. “I think Baekhyun said advertising?” The waiter arrives to pour their wine and Himchan suddenly shifts upright. “I can’t believe I didn’t - you look great, by the way.” He can’t be genuine, she’s not even standing, but he gestures appreciatively at her dress and raises his eyebrows. “You grew up well.”

She flushes. “You don’t have to flatter me,” she says. “I’m already here.”

He tips his head. “Just stating a fact,” he says. “I mean, it’s weird, seeing you again, like this. It’s like you upgraded. I keep expecting to see a mouthful of braces.” He seems to realize what he’s said a moment after the fact, a flush gathering on his high cheeks as he raises his wine to his mouth.

“Himchan!” Joonmyun laughs, astonished. “I was going to ask why you were on a blind date but it seems that you still have no game. It’s a shame.”

“I’m sorry, I’m very nervous,” he admits. “I haven’t been on a date in forever, and then I show up and it’s you?” He chuckles, dabbing at his throat with his napkin. “Now I’m even more anxious.”

Joonmyun blinks at him. “I’m sorry?”

“I had the biggest crush on you, back at camp.” Joonmyun presses her fingers against her lips, her heart thudding in her chest. “It was terrible! Three years and I didn’t say anything. Yongguk gave me so much shit for it.”

The laugh that bubbles out of Joonmyun is louder than she would’ve liked. “Me too!” she says. “I used to write your name in hearts in my diary.” Himchan’s eyes get big and she claps a hand to her forehead. “I’m sorry, that was weird, I’m so sorry.”

“No, no!” Himchan shakes his head, eyes creasing with his smile. “Teenage me would’ve been over the moon to hear that.”

She pauses to take a sip of her wine and, wow, Himchan has good taste. “Maybe,” she says slowly, “maybe this is a good thing.” She bites the inside of her cheek. “A second chance?” It’s something she’d never dreamed of getting - a second chance with the guy she’d been head over heels for once upon a time. Why not take it?

Himchan grins, too much teeth, and Joonmyun’s stomach does a flip. “I can’t believe you’re saying that when you know how I used to look,” he tells her.

“Right back at you!” she retorts. “You can’t have already forgotten my braces.”

“No,” he says. “But - I might.” Their waiter returns, standing pointedly by their table, hands behind his back, waiting patiently. “Should we order?”

It’s funny, but the adrenaline that had been racing through Joonmyun’s veins is gone, replaced by something else, something bubbly and hopeful. “Sounds good to me,” she says. Under the table, Himchan bumps his ankle against Joonmyun’s, wiggling his eyebrows at her, and she laughs into her hand. This is so not how she imagined her night turning out. It’s so, so much better.

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whaaaa this is so cute! <3
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I love this, Kendra!! Thank you so much for writing it even if you don't really write them as girls! THANK YOU!!! I've read this over and over and it's always cute. ;w; Thank you! Ily! <3
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this is exactly what i was aiting for since that year himchan and suho talked in an athletic thing and... sdkhfkjdfs. flawless, thank you so much for writting it