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lead me home ; one-shot [Aug. 19th, 2014|11:45 pm]
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Title: Lead Me Home
Pairing: JB/Jackson
Rating: NC-17 (sex and some mild violence)
Length: 33k
Summary: Jackson’s never had a ton of sense, which is probably why he was walking around trying to pet strange dogs and got himself bit. Thing is, it’s a full moon, and he’s starting to feel kinda funny...comeback is gonna suck. AR.
A/N: this is a fic for [personal profile] back_hug, for her (belated) birthday and for letting me suck her into shipping this terrible amazing pairing with me ♥ shout out to everyone who gave me a hand with this but esp e for her exemplar hand-holding skills and tolerance

“Lamest superpower,” Jinyoung says. “Can you smell crime?” “No, just your feet,” Jackson replies, and he snaps his teeth at him. )
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just smile again ; one-shot [Jul. 7th, 2014|03:01 am]
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Title: Just Smile Again
Pairing: JB/Jackson
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5.1k
Summary: Jackson's been lowkey nursing this crush for years, but he never meant for Jaebum to ever find out. Mark and Jinyoung have other ideas. Also, they're terrible friends. Canon.

Jaebum turns to him, intrigued. “You like a girl, Jackson-ah?” )
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keep it steady ; one-shot [Jun. 20th, 2014|12:10 am]
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Title: Keep It Steady
Pairing: JB/Jackson
Rating: PG
Length: 1.2k
Summary: It's been a long hard day for Jaebum, and Jackson's just trying to help. Domestic AU.

there’s only one way to make cleaning less intolerable, and it’s by pairing it with enthusiastic booty shaking to Miley Cyrus. He’s got taste, obviously. )
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'til the end of the sun ; one-shot [Feb. 1st, 2014|01:22 am]
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Title: 'Til the End of the Sun
Pairing: Jackson/JB
Rating: PG-13 for some graphic blood/violence
Length: 1.8k
Summary: Okay, so maybe Jaebum was right. Maybe Jackson shouldn't have gone out alone today. Powers AU.
A/N: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha maybe more later listen don't look at me

just for you alone )
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