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fic advent 2013: day six [Dec. 5th, 2013|10:47 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for anon ♥
pg-13, 1.7k words
"KrisYeol~ Chanyeol wants to learn to swim and his teacher wants to teach him how

day six )
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fic advent 2013: day four [Dec. 3rd, 2013|11:04 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for becca ♥
pg-13, 1.3k words
"chanyeol gets suho high and they go to taco bell and do other things that high people do."

day four )
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fic advent 2013: day three [Dec. 2nd, 2013|09:01 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for [personal profile] curledupkitten
soooooooo g rated, 4.1k words
"something fluffy and painfully low-rated where high school senior kai is madly in love with suho the part-timer at the local bookstore and spends the summer before college getting to know him with book puns"

day three )
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fic advent 2013: day two [Dec. 1st, 2013|06:34 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for [personal profile] halcyondusk
pg, 1.3k words
"CHANYEOL AND PUPPIES. look, i just really really really have a thing with fucking chanyeol and fucking jongin and fucking puppies. not like. actually. fucking. but you know. chanyeol and jongin and puppies."

day two )
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a prince and his guard ; one-shot [Oct. 10th, 2013|01:31 am]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: A Prince and his Guard
Pairing: Kris/Kyungsoo
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~30k
Summary: Prince Kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is some new guard to babysit. Regency AU.
A/N: written for [livejournal.com profile] galbijiim!! this began as twitfic and got ridiculously out of hand and i'm sorry. a world of thank yous as always to s and b for letting me harass them daily, and k for final readthrough ♥

you fold up rather neatly )
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ficlet dump [Sep. 25th, 2013|01:15 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , ]

kris/suho, pg, 1k words )

kris/kai, pg, 331 words )

sehun/lu han, pg, 505 words )

kris/kai, pg, 530 words )

himchan/lu han, pg, 344 words )

kris/xiumin, pg-13, 414 words )

kris/tao, pg, 200 words )

kris/suho, pg, 324 words )

xiumin/kai, pg-13, 359 words )

kris/sehun, pg-13, 770 words )

kris/kai, pg, 1.2k words )

sehun/chanyeol/suho, nc-17, 2k words )

suho/tao, pg, 700 words )

kris/xiumin, nc-17, 1.8k words )
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make your heart tremble ; one-shot [Sep. 17th, 2013|01:21 am]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: Make Your Heart Tremble
Pairing: Kris/Kai
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~5k
Summary: Kris just wishes that maybe someday, someone will look past the tail. AU
A/N: catboy au??? in space????? i'm sorry. anyway this is a real early birthday present for my boo [livejournal.com profile] thesockmonster, i hope you like it!!

look, even Captain Responsible's got the wobblies. )
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abandoned ; kaisoo selective memory loss fic [Aug. 4th, 2013|09:57 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

i mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time. i feel like writing tragic kaisoo is a fandom rite of passage

kai/kyungsoo, 1.5k, pg )
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(go on, believe) if it turns you on ; one-shot [Jul. 29th, 2013|10:47 am]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: (Go On, Believe) If It Turns You On
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Kris/Kai
Rating: NC-17
Length: 22k words
Summary: Kai's newest client brings old feelings rushing back, but this is just a job, and Jongin will have to remember that if he wants to keep his heart safe. Escort AU.
A/N: written for [livejournal.com profile] radar for [livejournal.com profile] exoforsichuan!! thank you for all your patience!! as always, all my love to s, b, a, k, and e for any and all help pulling this together.

take what you need til your body's numb )
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i'll be peter pan (and you just be pretty) ; one-shot [Jul. 21st, 2013|06:25 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: I'll Be Peter Pan (and You Just Be Pretty)
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Suho/Tao
Rating: R
Length: 23.5k words
Summary: When Joonmyun's parents told him to go out, join a club, make contacts, Joonmyun is pretty sure that they never meant EXO, and they certainly never meant Zitao. Somehow, he can't help himself from getting swept into their world, and he may have gotten in over his head. Secret society AU.
A/N: written for [livejournal.com profile] feixing for [livejournal.com profile] runandgun 2013!! a world of thanks to s and k for hand-holding and betaing.

we all fall down )
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various drabbles from tumblr [Jun. 3rd, 2013|02:29 am]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , ]

suho/chanyeol, PG, 1.4k words )

chen/kai, pg, 620 words )

kris/kai, pg, 800 words )

kris/yixing, pg, 850 words )

chanyeol/kyungsoo, pg, 910 words )

kris/sehun, pg, 710 words )
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various drabbles from ask.fm [Jun. 3rd, 2013|02:06 am]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , ]

yongguk/himchan, PG, 655 words )

yongguk/himchan, pg, 800 words )

kai/chen, pg, 900 words )

yongguk, pg, 230 words )

suho/chanyeol, pg, 500 words )

xiumin/kai, pg, 970 words )

chanyeol/kai, pg, 510 words )
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never knew what a good time was 'til i had a good time with you ; one-shot [Apr. 26th, 2013|03:08 am]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: Never Knew What a Good Time Was 'Til I Had a Good Time With You
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Xiumin/Luhan
Rating: R for language and a lot of drinking
Length: 15k words
Summary: punk rock AU. Lu Han is the last person in the world Minseok expects to meet at one of his shows, but he's aiming to be one of the most memorable.
A/N: inspired by this ficlet by [livejournal.com profile] hyperlydian and set in the same verse!! a million thank yous to a, jj, m, s, c, and anyone else who held my hand or was a cheerleader for this one!!

free tickets to the gun show, baby )
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show me your teeth ; one-shot [Apr. 19th, 2013|03:39 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]

Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Suho-centric, Suho/Sehun
Rating: PG
Length: 2k words
Summary: AU. Joonmyun's reputation as a dragon tamer has perhaps been exaggerated.
A/N: for the prompt "joonmyun, dragon tamer". this is a fic of no substance.

He is a dragon tamer, and that job naturally requires a living dragon to tame. )
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various drabbles [exo, infinite, etc] [Apr. 12th, 2013|02:29 am]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , ]

sehun/suho/chanyeol, PG, 890 words )

himchan/suho, pg, 700 words )

woohyun/hoya, pg, 570 words )

dongwoo/hoya/woohyun, pg, 515 words )

hoya/dongwoo, pg, 455 words )
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if you call, i'll come to you ; one-shot [Mar. 10th, 2013|12:13 am]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: If You Call, I'll Come to You
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG
Length: 5.6k words
Summary: college AU. Kyungsoo finds a lost dog and somehow, well, he kind of ends up with another.
A/N: for denise, as promised!! it's not quite what you prompted, but i hope it fits the bill!!

Looks like you shouldn't have fed that stray. He seems to have adopted you. )
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i'm all shook up for you ; one-shot [Feb. 26th, 2013|03:59 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Title: I'm All Shook Up For You
Author: loudestoflove
Pairing: Kris/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG
Length: 3.7k words
Summary: coffee shop AU. “As it turns out, forgetting my book might have just been an excuse to talk to you.”
A/N: gift fic for [livejournal.com profile] omoidendo, originally posted here for [livejournal.com profile] sncj_santa

Hey, look, your admirer is back. )
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ficlet dump [Feb. 24th, 2013|12:49 am]
[Tags|, , , , , ]

tao/sehun, pg-13, 750w
college au. lazy morning.

The blaring of an alarm cuts through the room and drags Zitao up out of sleep. )

suho/luhan, pg, 1100w
late night rendezvous
for konnie ♥

The hand in Joonmyun's is warm, despite the cool of the empty corridor. )
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fic advent: day twenty two [Feb. 23rd, 2013|01:51 am]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for [livejournal.com profile] kandyse_c
nc-17, 2k words
au very very loosely based on exo-k's ivy club photoshoots

day twenty two )
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fic advent: day twenty one [Feb. 21st, 2013|04:44 am]
[Tags|, , , , ]

for [livejournal.com profile] supaari
pg-13, 4.1k words
au. mission impossible

day twenty one )
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