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haikyuu summer hols 2016

oh boy here we go!!

ALRIGHT first of all, thank you for my gift!! please don't get too stressed out about this because i am very, very easy to please. i just want to give you lots of options and make it easier for you!! okay here we go!!

ohhhhh my gosh creator asahi is my favourite person. i LOVE asahi, i love his glass heart and his fears and his courage and his sweet oversized teddy bear face i LOVE him. he is easily my favourite character in hq, and i'd die for fic about him. i've requested both asahi/daichi and asahi/suga, and honestly i just really want asahi-centric fic. the most important thing to me is that it's not about how asahi feels insecure/unimportant and then he gets a bf and that fixes it. my first choice is asahi/daichi, because i feel like their dynamic is so interesting. daichi doesn't cut asahi any slack - he expects the best from asahi because he knows he can give it, even if asahi doesn't know it. and asahi trusts and respects daichi, and i think that it's important that asahi knows that daichi will always be there to back him. for them, i'd be most into fic where they're adults, post-canon or not, because i'd love the see the way their dynamic has evolved and mellowed with age.

for asahi/suga, i feel like even tho suga can get in his sharp little jabs when he wants to, the dynamic is much softer and sweeter. he goes easy on asahi, and that's something that asahi can use, too. suga is observant and he's always been very good at focusing on those who don't always step into the spotlight. in exchange, asahi would be so good to him, appreciative and thoughtful. this is a pairing for a lot of like, lazy snuggly breakfasts in bed and basically as soft n fluffy as it gets.

lev/kenma!! there's not nearly enough fic about lev, period, but i really love the way that their personalities fit together in particular!! after i watched the nekoma ova, i really wanted fic where they're forced into close quarters (whether in canon or an au) and how they figure out how to get along (c'mon, when kenma finally starts watching lev and lev's delight! how cute)

bokuto/kuroo oh my gosh. while i think that fandom can definitely get a little heavy handed on the whole bro thing, i really do love the two of them together. they're two very different people (kuroo's calm, reserved observation vs bokuto's enormous personality), they obviously think a lot alike and get along like a house on fire. i love them as a team united and in friendly competition. i'd love fic that focuses less on them getting together and more on them already established, facing things together or learning to deal with conflict between the two of them.

i know the whole alien thing is super played out with oikawa, but i would absolutely live for something that takes that in a fun way, like oikawa the popular sci fi writer who's betrayed to discover that his childhood best friend iwaizumi is an alien and he just won't give him material for his next model (so mean, iwa-chan). or i'm sure alien oikawa would be a pro at misinterpreting human social cues to snuggle up to iwaizumi and see him blush. i'm such a sucker for bffs who become partners, it's one of my fav tropes, and iwaoi lend themselves so perfectly to it!!


- abuse/assault/rape/non-con/dubcon
- mpreg or genderswap/sexswap
- character death, terminal illness, mental ilness, drug abuse
- love triangles/infidelity
- kidfic
- unhappy endings

if you are not 18+, please do not include sexual content in your fic!! it'd make me v uncomfortable. thank you!!

in general, i much prefer happy fic to angsty fic. i'm not against angst, obviously, but i very much prefer a happy ending, or at very least a hopeful one!! a bit of angst can make that happy ending that much more rewarding, too. i love feel-good fics, domestic aus, slice of life fic, the whole shebang!! it has to be pretty obvious by now that i absolutely adore friendships, so while i've only listed the characters in the pairings or focus of the request, feel free to include others!! i love fics with ensemble casts, that give a character the feeling of having a full, real life. that's very cool!!

i'm a total sucker for stuff like bffs who don't realize they're pretty much already dating, or who bicker like a married couple. in general, i like anything where close friends who have to negotiate a new aspect to their friendship, like kissing or dates or whatever. while i prefer fic that isn't pwp, i don't mind porn, especially if it's like, fun porn?? messy sex, someone comes too fast or knees their partner in the gut or accidentally headbutts them, etc. i like it when everything doesn't go perfectly/as expected!! i also don't believe in one character being the 'top' or 'bottom' of the relationship. i love a lot of silly tropes, too, like meeting over a runaway dog, or pretending to date/be married, or roadtrips, or whatever. and that being said, i know i've talked a ton about this kind of stuff, the light/realistic stuff, but i absolutely LOVE wild aus too!! i'm weak for space aus and i come from music fandoms and band aus are my kryptonite. if you have some spies/assassin au you've been storing up, by all means, go for it!!

i haven't read the manga but i'm not fussed on spoilers so feel free to include material that hasn't hit the anime yet. whatever enhances writing it for you!!

i also have a listo, for more general info, and always feel free to reach out through the mod if you have any questions!!

please, please, PLEASE know that my requests are just ideas and suggestions. there is a lot here to go through but i wanted you to have a lot of material to work with because i know i can feel lost at sea without something to go off of!! i really am very easy to please with fic and i'm sure i'll love whatever i get. i hope this is at all helpful and thank you again!!

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