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fic advent 2014


'i'll never do that again,' kendra says as she puts up another advent post. oh well, i never said i had much sense.


1.) Pick a date.
2.) Leave me a pairing and a prompt. (Anonymous commenting is on!)
3.) I will write you something.

please keep your prompts simple!! i love writing gen and friendship fic, and i'll write het or femme, or ot3/+ too.

i am willing to write: exo (ot11 only), got7 (though i do not write shippy fic abt the bbs), girl's day, 2pm, f(x), 15&, block b, miss a, m.i.b, sbs roommate, and also crossovers!! esp jyp crossovers. i'm also up for writing kurobasu (esp seirin or miragen) or haikyuu (karasuno or oikawa/iwaizumi)!! obv i'm most comfy with exo, got7 and haikyuu!! so prompt at your own risk.

if you choose to prompt me with exo, i just request that you prompt me with another group/anime prompt as well. i've been feeling pretty burned out on exo lately but i would still like to give you a fic that you will enjoy!!

December 1: kitten - haikyuu!!, kurobasu, sbs roommate
December 2: [personal profile] thesockmonster
December 3: [personal profile] suxing - got7, jaebum/jackson
December 4: [personal profile] nekokonneko - got7, jaebum/jackson, youngjae & jimin, gen
December 5: anon - got7, jaebum/jackson
December 6: jo
December 7: [personal profile] airplanewishes - f(x) & exo, sulli/krystal & luna/suho/krystal
December 8: anon - got7, jaebum/jackson
December 9: [personal profile] seulpeo - got7, mark/jackson & jinyoung/youngjae, haikyuu!!, kageyama/ hinata
December 10: [personal profile] drainbamage954 - got7, f(x), miss a
December 11: anon - got7, jaebum/jackson or mark/jackson
December 12: [personal profile] mangafanxd - got7, miss a, mib
December 13: anon, got7, exo
December 14: [personal profile] back_hug
December 15: pipit - haikyuu!!, daichi/suga
December 16: [personal profile] picardythird - all the sports anime
December 17: [personal profile] galbijiim
December 18: anon - haikyuu!!, kurobasu
December 19: [personal profile] strikesoftly - haikyuu!!, karasuno & third years & oikawa/iwaizumi
December 20: krys
December 21: anon - exo, sehun/suho, f(x)
December 22: butthole - the thieves, pepsi/julie/yenicall
December 23: anon - got7, jaebum/jackson & gen, jyp chinaline
December 24: [personal profile] fashcndy - got7, jaebum/jackson
December 25: ani babe - got7, mark/jinyoung

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