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please do not repost any or all of my fic on any other fanfiction sites.

i do NOT allow translations! thank you!


we could use some hope
himchan-centric, himchan/yongguk | r for violence | 14500~ words
au. space mercenaries. himchan and yongguk aren't really bad guys, they just look like it.

late for class
himchan/yongguk | pg | 530~ words
college au. himchan is going to make yongguk late for class, yet again.

movie night
himchan/yongguk | pg | 500~ words
the group takes advantage of a much needed night off.

i got what it is you want
himchan/yongguk | nc-17 | 1900~ words
au. he's not really sure how they got here, but himchan really isn't complaining.

himchan/yongguk | pg | 525 words

you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be
himchan/yongguk | pg-13 | 14700~ words
au. himchan's been looking forward to his date for ages, but somehow everything goes wrong and he ends up stuck with a ghost living on his couch. if only it would stop talking back.

come a little undone, get a little bit reckless
himchan/yongguk | r for language and content | 8.5k words
for [ profile] thebrowniebunch. au. brutal hangover? check. toothbrush in the toilet? check. lipstick on his face? check. what the hell happened last night? and why is Jongup sleeping on the floor?

various drabbles
himchan/yongguk, daehyun/youngjae | pg | 250-720 words
collection of prompts from my

various drabbles
himchan/yongguk, yongguk | pg | 230-800 words
collection of prompts from my

no need to say goodbye
himchan/yongguk | pg-13 | 12k
himchan is a fixer and very very good at what he does, so when an old friend at the white house gives him a call, he doesn't hesitate to step in to lend a hand. he's sure it'll be a breeze - as long as he doesn't run into the president. how hard can it be? scandal au. written for [ profile] noolvidare for [ profile] thebrowniebunch

walk the walk
himchan/yongguk | r for violence, blood, and dicks | 5.8k words
himchan’s made a lot of dumb decisions in his life, but he’s pretty sure that sleeping with an ex-cop would be right up there on the list. mob au.


seunghyun/jiyong | pg | 930 words
seunghyun is having trouble learning his lines in their japanese songs for the alive tour. jiyong may have something to do with that.

block b

hot for teacher
jiho/minhyuk | pg | 4400~ words
college au. jiho's got a grand plan, but he needs minhyuk's help to make it happen.


let's make an end to this sad sad song
kai/kyungsoo | pg | 1000~ words
when kai hurts his back, kyungsoo is there.

oh baby baby we'll do whatever you like
kai/kyungsoo | nc-17 | 2600~ words
kai puts in another late night at the practice room and kyungsoo hangs around to keep him company.

midnight and fingertips
kai/kyungsoo | pg | 400~ words
it's midnight, and kai can't sleep.

video games
k, gen | pg | 650~ words
kyungsoo is beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, starting up a game of mario kart with chanyeol was a bad idea.

'cause i got you sweating in this weather
kris/yixing | pg | 640~ words
disneyland is great and all but man, yixing could kill for some ice cream.

free fall with me
kai/kyungsoo | pg | 1200~ words
the way that kyungsoo looks at him always makes jongin's stomach lurch.

i'll dream all night to touch you
kris/yixing | pg | 1100~ words
"you should be in bed." Yifan's voice is quiet and rough.

asleep without your message
kris/yixing | r | 16 000~ words
au. yixing is content to float by, until he meets a certain photographer. Yifan is a little creepy. yixing doesn't mind.

beats in my heart
kai/sehun/kyungsoo | pg | 860~ words
“you're both idiots,” sehun tells them, dropping to the floor behind jongin's head. “you're equally bad at not falling down.”

point me toward the morning
kai/kyungsoo | pg | 580~ words
if jongin were to make a list of things he hated, airports would be up there. so would early mornings. naturally, a combination of the two seems to be some kind of his own personal hell.

why don't you call me something dirtier?
kris/kai | nc-17 | 3500~ words
“making out in a bathroom, hyung, that's stupid. one of us has to be responsible.”

i found the cure to growing older
kai/sehun | pg | 4300~ words
“i bet you were totally the kid that pulled girl's pigtails at school, weren't you?”

breathe slow
suho/kai/kyungsoo, kai/kyungsoo | pg | 5800~ words
for [personal profile] runandgun. joonmyun is so busy looking after everyone else, but who looks after joonmyun?

i think i've inhaled you
suho/kai, sehun/kai | pg-13 | 8700~ words
for [personal profile] runandgun. rock band au. joonmyun is the reflection jongin never sees, eyes still trained on the ghost of sehun

why you trippin', boy?
yixing/kyungsoo | pg | 3800~ words
it's always a little helpless, a little unexpected: falling in love.

i found heaven in hard times
lu han/yixing | g | 850~ words
for being so big and crammed full of people, airports are kind of lonely places.

say you're with me ♦ ♥
kai/kyungsoo | pg-13 | 2200~ words
the keychain hits his wrist as he locks up, and he pushes away thoughts of jongin's blinding smile when he'd given it to him, years ago. he has no right to be in his head, even now.

baby, you're my style
kris/kai | nc-17 | 3900~ words
for the prompt 'secretly a virgin kris ft 'wishes-he-was-assertive' kai'.

grind down my corners
kai/chanyeol | pg-13 | 11500~ words
"what are you, a teenager? aren't there better ways to get out of this than faking gay marriage? you're being dramatic."

forced to share a bed
sehun/tao | pg | 865 words

forced to share a bed, version 2
kris/kai | pg | 1200 words

not so smooth
kris/yixing | r | 260 words
really, kris? really?

lean on me
tao/lu han | pg | 1500 words
zitao’s weight against him is solid enough that lu han knows that zitao really needs it. he’s always seemed to take the travelling the hardest.

please please please (get down on your knees)
kai/kyungsoo | nc-17 | 2.2k words
jongin's pretty used to kyungsoo wandering into the bathroom when he's showering. (pwp)

get up and go
gen (sehun, kai) | r for violence | 2.3k words
killjoys au. It's hot as hell and Jongin and Sehun are bored and itching for a fight. Lucky for them, there's one right around the corner.

let the walls come down
kris-centric, kris/suho | r for violence | 27k words
killjoys au. kris and the rest of xo have been content to scrape out their existence in the zones outside the city. thing is, someone else isn't so happy to let them be, and kris and his boys would never go down without a fight.

lazy morning
tao/sehun | pg-13 | 750 words
college au

late night rendezvous
luhan/suho | pg | 1.1k words

i'm all shook up for you
kris/kyungsoo | pg | 3.7k words
coffee shop AU. “as it turns out, forgetting my book might have just been an excuse to talk to you.”

if you call, i'll come to you
kai/kyungsoo | pg | 5.6k words
college AU. kyungsoo finds a lost dog and somehow, well, he kind of ends up with another.

pillow fight battle royale
sehun/suho/chanyeol | pg | 890 words
"there's only one champion here," joonmyun informs them, standing above them with his pillow in hand.

show me your teeth
sehun/suho | pg | 2k words
au. joonmyun's reputation as a dragon tamer has perhaps been exaggerated.

never knew what a good time was til i had a good time with you
xiumin/luhan | r for language and a lot of drinking | 15k words
punk rock au. lu han is the last person in the world minseok expects to meet at one of his shows, but he's aiming to be one of the most memorable. inspired by this ficlet by [personal profile] hyperlydian and set in the same verse

various drabbles from tumblr
suho/chanyeol, kai/chen, kris/kai, kris/yixing, chanyeol/kyungsoo, kris/sehun | pg | 620-1.4k words
various drabbles pulled from prompts/memes on my tumblr

various drabbles from
kai/chen, suho/chanyeol, xiumin/kai, chanyeol/kai | pg | 500-970 words
various drabbles prompted on my

i'll be peter pan (and you just be pretty
suho/tao | r | 23.5k words
when joonmyun's parents told him to go out, join a club, make contacts, joonmyun is pretty sure that they never meant exo, and they certainly never meant zitao. somehow, he can't help himself from getting swept into their world, and he may have gotten in over his head. secret society au. written for [ profile] runandgun 2013.

(go on believe) if it turns you on
kris/kai | nc-17 | 22k words
kai's newest client brings old feelings rushing back, but this is just a job, and jongin will have to remember that if he wants to keep his heart safe. escort au. written for [ profile] exoforsichuan.

make your heart tremble
kris/kai | nc-17 | 5k
kris just wishes that maybe someday, someone will look past the tail. catboy au.

various ficlets from tumblr
kris/suho, kris/kai, sehun/luhan, himchan/luhan, kris/xiumin, kris/tao, xiumin/kai, kris/sehun, sehun/suho/chanyeol, suho/tao | pg - nc-17 | 200 - 2k words

a prince and his guard
kris/kyungsoo | nc-17 | 30k
prince kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is a new guard to babysit. regency au.

if we keep on coming back
chanyeol/tao | nc-17 | 13k
chanyeol's little hobby of blowing things up on camera could win him some nice recognition, but he's got some competition, and he'll be damned if he loses to a guy who spends ten minutes applying lip gloss and winking at the camera. youtube celebs au.

drawn to you
kai/xiumin | pg-13 | 18k
jongin is pretty sure that manhwa was never supposed to be this dangerous. au.

even the smallest hello
kai/chen | pg-13 | 11k
jongin never really thought that being a chicken delivery boy would lead to so many blind dates, but he’s always been a little bit terrible at telling jongdae no. au. originally written for [ profile] forjongin.


'til the end of the sun
jb/jackson | pg-13 | 1.8k
okay, so maybe jaebum was right. maybe jackson shouldn't have gone out alone today. powers au.


i traded God for eyes
myungsoo/hoya/dongwoo | nc-17 | 11500~ words
au. myungsoo is relearning how everything works when he meets a man with a magnetic smile at a cafe and soon he's in over his head.

we didn't know we were in love
hoya/dongwoo | pg | 2900~ words
dongwoo doesn't make anything of it, so neither does hoya.

my heart just goes to you
hoya/dongwoo | pg | 4900~ words
au. infinite is a struggling band but hoya figures it's all worthwhile, as long as dongwoo's around.

let it rain
hoya/dongwoo | pg | 780 words
even in a downpour, after spending all day training, dongwoo still wants to dance

various drabbles
woohyun/hoya, dongwoo/hoya/woohyun, hoya/dongwoo | pg | 455-570 words
collection of prompts from my


no competition
b.a.p/secret, yongguk/hyosung & daehyun/jongup | pg | 2.3k words
cat café AU. yongguk never really thought of himself as a cat person, and then, well, he met hyosung. sort of sequel to [personal profile] chiharu's fight for felines.

gangnam oppars
himchan/suho | pg | 700 words
the problem with joonmyun is, no matter how nice he may look in that hand tailored suit, he remains excruciatingly nice. it makes him exceedingly well-suited for these galas, charming and complimentary and excellent with the polite small talk. it also makes him exceedingly dull.

fic advent 2012 masterlist
fic advent 2013 masterlist

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