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end of year fic meme

i can FINALLY do this!! lol at how embarrassing this is, all these unfinished advent fics

day thirteen - exo, tao/luhan, 2.1k words
day fourteen - exo, kris/baekhyun/chanyeol, 3.8k words
day fifteen - exo, kai/tao, 2.4k words
day sixteen - exo, kai/sehun, 1.8k words
day seventeen - exo, chanyeol/baekhyun, 1.5k words
please please please (get down on your knees) - exo, kai/kyungsoo, 2.2k words
get up and go - exo, gen (kai, sehun), 2.3k words, killjoys au
day eighteen - infinite, hoya/dongwoo, 650 words
day nineteen - exo/block b, kris/zico, 5.5k words

let the walls come down - exo, kris-centric (kris/suho), 27k words
day twenty - dmtn, simon/jeesu, 1.5k words
day twenty-one - exo, sehun/luhan/kai, 4.1k words
day twenty-two - exo, chanyeol/kai, 2k words
ficlet dump - exo, tao/sehun & suho/luhan, 750 words & 1.1k words
i'm all shook up for you - exo, kris/kyungsoo, 3.7k words for [profile] sncj_santa

if you call, i'll come to you - exo, kai/kyungsoo, 5.6k words
come undone, get a little bit reckless - b.a.p, yongguk/himchan, 8.5k words for [profile] thebrowniebunch

no competition - b.a.p/secret, yongguk/hyosung, 2.3k words
various drabbles - b.a.p, yongguk/himchan & daehyun/youngjae, 2755 words
various drabbles - exo&infinite, sehun/suho/chanyeol & himchan/suho & woohyun/hoya & dongwoo/hoya/woohyun & hoya/dongwoo, 3130 words
show me your teeth - exo, suho-centric (suho/sehun), 2k
never knew what a good time was 'til i had a good time with you - exo, xiumin/luhan, 15k

various drabbles - exo & b.a.p, yongguk/himchan & yongguk-centric & chen/kai & suho/chanyeol & xiumin/kai & chanyeol/kai, 4564 words
various drabbles - exo, suho/chanyeol & chen/kai & kris/kai & kris/yixing & chanyeol/kyungsoo & kris/sehun, 5290 words

i'll be peter pan (and you just be pretty) - exo, suho/tao, 23.5k words for [personal profile] runandgun
(go on believe) if it turns you on - exo, kris/kai, 22k words for [profile] exoforsichuan

no need to say goodbye - b.a.p, yongguk/himchan, 12k words for [profile] thebrowniebunch
make your heart tremble - exo, kris/kai, 5k
ficlet dump - exo & b.a.p, kris/suho & kris/kai & sehun/luhan & himchan/suho & kris/xiumin & kris/tao & xiumin/kai & kris/sehun & sehun/chanyeol/suho & suho/tao, 10477 words

a prince and his guard - exo, kris/kyungsoo, 30k words

day one - secret, hana/hyosung, 3.6k words
day two - exo, kai/chanyeol, 1.3k words
day three - exo, kai/suho, 4.1k words
day four - exo, suho/chanyeol, 1.3k words
day five - btob, hyunsik/minhyuk, 1.1k words
day six - exo, kris/chanyeol, 1.7k words
day seven - exo, xiumin/chen/kai, 1.1k words
day eight - exo, kris/kai - 2.4k words
day nine - exo, kai-centric (kai/kyungsoo, kai/yixing), 2.6k words
day ten - exo, kai/kyungsoo, 900 words
day eleven - exo, chanyeol/kyungsoo, 1.1k words
day twelve - exo, kai/tao, 900 words
day thirteen - exo, kai/chanyeol, 900 words
day fourteen - exo, kris/kai, 980 words
day fifteen - infinite/etc, hoya/seo inguk, 1.9k words
day sixteen - exo, baekhyun/kyungsoo, 860 words
day seventeen - m.i.b, gen, 1.3k words
day eighteen - block b/etc, u-kwon/jun sunhye, 3k words
day nineteen - exo, kris/yixing, 2k words
day twenty - exo, tao/chen, 1.2k words
day twenty-one - exo & b.a.p, himchan/suho, 1.7k words
day twenty-two - exo, suho/xiumin, 1.1k words

total number of fics: (not including drabbles) 46

total word count: 251.5k words, give or take. WOW. i think that's at least double last year's count

favorite: easily a prince and his guard, but also let the walls come down was sooooo much fun to write. there are a few other little fics i wrote that i rly liked, like catboy kris in space and some of the weirder advent fics like the selukai spy au and the kris/zico crossover. so fun.

the best: ONCE AGAIN, THE BIG KRISOO. it's probably the best thing i have ever written. otherwise, maybe (go on, believe) if it turns you on?? i think i did well with parts of that, and i'll be peter pan, i nailed the tone in the set up i think

most underappreciated by the universe: oh no, none of that. but like, there are some fics i think i rly did well at that not as many people noticed?? ig. the little ones. some of the advent fics.

most fun to write: KILLJOYS??? and the krisoo, and the xiuhan punk rock au and the banghim hangover au and tbh i mostly write things that i enjoy writing so it works well for me.

sexiest: HAH obv the kriskai hooker au. there was so much porn in that sucker soooooo much porn. please please please was pretty good too

“holy crap that’s wrong even for you”: make your heart tremble is as weird as i get. also that xiuris a/b/o but let's not talk abt that

fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: idk if there's any fic like this but i think the krisoo is a good example of how my perceptions have changed of a character?? my headcanon of kyungsoo has so obviously changed from when i first wrote exo until now.

hardest to do: probably never knew what a good time was until i had a good time with you. the problem was the fact that i'd never written minseok or lu han on any real scale and i don't stan them the most?? so i felt insecure abt my characterization and i had to rework the first bit like seven times before i was okay with it. other than that, some of the porn in the kriskai hooker au was a fight man i do NOT get facials

biggest disappointment: lol that xiuhan too bad that reworking didn't work. that is the single most boring fic i have ever written and i just. ugh.

most telling: i don't think any fic was particularly personal this year?? i suppose the xiuhan was a bit maybe, because the setting/au was very familiar to me and a favourite of mine.

a thing i’m surprised at: nothing i'm very predictable

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you never would have predicted in january?: again, nothing surprised me that much i guess?? i ship tons of things and i already knew that exo was gonna be the big fandom for me (sry b.a.p we had a good time while it lasted)

story with single sweetest moment?: in the krisoo when kris proposes and kyungsoo says 'you have always been mine, haven't you?' i had that image in my head from the moment i started planning it and when i reread it it still makes me all fuzzy

the story that made you cry?: none i don't write sad fic lbr

easiest story to write?: so many of them?? killjoys, probably, and the krisoo, i just sat down and churned them out bc i was rly into them. i love writing, man

most overdue story?: please please please was like seven months in the making and also it took me so long to get around to the kriskai hooker au bc my wrists were killing me SORRY RECIPIENT

did you take any writing risks this year? what did you learn from them?: i mean, in certain respects?? with all of my longfic, i had to do more internal monologuing than i'm rly comfortable with. honestly i don't take a lot of risks with my writing? which is probably a lesson in itself. i need to get out of my comfort zone.

in regards to writing, what did you learn this year: that i need to take more risks, definitely. i tend to rush the end of fics bc i'm ready for them to be over, too. my style is a bit stale, and fairly basic, and i'd like to switch that up.

do you have any fanfic goals for the new year?: i would like to write things with more emotional depth, and not just person a meets person b and gets together. i want to try to switch up the way i structure fic bc i'm limited by the straightforward timeline. i want to write more girls, i want to write stories where all of the characters are well drawn out even if they're not the main character.