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fic advent 2013: day twenty-five

for [personal profile] chiharu
pg-13, 1.6k words
i can't remember the prompt anymore but this is lu han being happy with a bf on new year's eve!!!

“Lu Han!” The party is already in full swing, but Lu Han had expected that. He was the one who’d pulled the short end of the straw and had to work a closing shift on New Year’s Eve, after all. “There you are!” Yixing lets him drag off his jacket and all the layers he’s wearing before he pulls him into a hug, warm and lingering. It’s not as though they hadn’t seen each other a few days before, but Yixing has always made a point of noticing him, of acknowledging him and recognizing him. It’s uncanny, how perceptive he can be, sometimes. “Now things can really get started.” He squeezes Lu Han’s hand affectionately and then he slips off into the noise of the room.

What’s funnier is that this is Baekhyun’s idea of a ‘small get-together’, and the tiny apartment is packed with people. On the couch, Kyungsoo has a drink in his hand and a studiously bored look. Chanyeol grips his knee, eyes wide and other hand waving around as he explains something enthusiastically. Maybe the group he’s been working with in the studio, maybe his latest knitting project. It’s hard to tell when Chanyeol is so enthusiastic about everything and the only thing that rouses Kyungsoo’s interest is when Baekhyun is pissing him off.

Speaking of. “Took you long enough,” Baekhyun tells him. He shakes his head in disappointment even as he’s pushing a drink into Lu Han’s hand. “I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up.” He scoffs then, like the mere idea of Lu Han standing up someone like him is completely unbelievable. He looks good tonight, which is probably the point. His pants are so tight Lu Han is surprised he can walk, but they also make his ass look absolutely spectacular, which is probably also the point. Baekhyun hates it if anyone outdoes him at his own parties.

Lu Han sniffs the drink in his hand. It looks disgusting. This must be another one of Jongdae’s concoctions. He’s sure it’ll get them all spectacularly drunk long before the ball even drops. “Baekhyun,” Lu Han says sweetly, patting Baekhyun’s cheek. It’s mostly to be condescending, but also because Lu Han’s hands are still cold, and the way that Baekhyun shrinks away from his touch is great. “If I was going to stand you up, I’d make sure you knew it.”

The curl of Baekhyun’s lips warms Lu Han’s heart. “You don’t deserve my hospitality,” Baekhyun says, snatching back the drink and slinking off to find someone else to talk to. Lu Han watches him go. Baekhyun beelines over to the couch, and makes a move to plant himself on Kyungsoo’s knee, but he swiftly changes his mind at the sight of Kyungsoo’s iciest glare. Lu Han snorts as Baekhyun adjusts his path and sits on Jongdae instead, grin unfaltering. Despite still nominally participating in his conversation with Chanyeol, Kyungsoo’s gaze is fixed on Baekhyun from the corner of his eye. If Lu Han didn’t know any better, he’d think that Baekhyun does it on purpose.

Lu Han makes his way to the kitchen, and he finds Zitao sitting on the counter, Yixing between his knees. “I need a drink,” he declares, and Yixing laughs.

“None of that,” he says, gesturing at the bowl of mysterious alcohol that Lu Han is still certain Jongdae provided. “I’m sure you want to be conscious by New Year.” Yixing rummages through the fridge and comes out with a couple of bottles of beer, hands one over to Lu Han with a wink. “You’ve got a reason for it, this year.”

Lu Han snorts, but he doesn’t reply. Yixing has a point, though. A year ago, Lu Han had rung the night in with just Yixing and Zitao, the three of them sitting on the floor of the apartment Lu Han shares with Zitao. It hadn’t been bad, really, but when Zitao had laughed and rubbed his nose against Yixing’s before kissing him at the stroke of midnight, Lu Han had realized how small his life was. He had his friends - Yixing, the first person who’d befriended him when he’d come to Korea, and Zitao too - but besides the last of his classes and his work, Lu Han still didn’t have a lot to do. The language barrier had a hand in it, but in the end, Lu Han could only blame himself. It wasn’t a great new year.

And then early in January, Lu Han had met Chanyeol. He’d been playing guitar outside the shop Lu Han works at, even in the cold, and when Lu Han had given him a coffee for free, Chanyeol had repaid him with an invite to a party. Chanyeol, it had turned out, had a lot of friends, and suddenly, Lu Han had found himself with a lot of new phone contacts and a standing pick up game of soccer with a guy named Minseok.

More importantly, that was the night Lu Han met Yifan.

Their introduction had happened when Jongdae had jostled his arm and Lu Han had ended up with Yifan’s drink on his shoes. For someone so tall, Yifan was entirely graceless. Unlike Chanyeol, a violent hand-talker, Yifan kept his elbows tucked in, his chin close to his chest, like he was trying to shrink away. He was handsome, dressed in something just ugly-fashionable enough to rival Zitao’s taste, and Lu Han’s heart did a bit of a two-step in his chest. “Uh, maybe I can get you coffee sometime?” Yifan had suggested, his big frame folded nearly in half as he dabbed at the mess on Lu Han’s shoes. He was turning a delightful shade of pink. “To make up for this.” Lu Han couldn’t help but agree.

It was too bad that Yifan wasn’t here now. He worked for his mother’s company and sometimes that meant long business trips at inopportune times, and Lu Han couldn’t deny the fact that he missed him when he was gone. This time, he’d been gone for nearly a week, off in Japan somewhere. He’s sure that it’s not much fun for Yifan, stuck in meetings while the rest of them enjoy the holiday, but that’s not a great deal of comfort. They’d agreed to call each other at midnight, at least (Yifan’s idea, but Lu Han had liked it. He always likes Yifan’s romantic little gestures). It’s not big, but this is a far cry from where he was last year. He’s surrounded by friends, and he’ll get to call Yifan when the ball drops. This is going to be a pretty good night.

“I don’t need much of a reason not to drink that swill,” Lu Han says, peering into the bowl. What is in this, anyway? There’s something floating in there. It has to be illegal. He shakes his head and pops the top on his beer.

Before he even gets a chance to take a sip, a strong shoulder collides with his back. “To good friends!” Minseok crows, his chin pressed to Lu Han’s shoulder and his own drink held out.

Zitao’s laughter is loud even in the noise of the party. “To friends!” he echoes.

Lu Han lets Yixing ply him with drinks for the rest of the night. He’s got a look in his eye, like he knows something Lu Han doesn’t, but no matter how Lu Han pries, he insists it’s nothing. Yixing’s always been such a tease. Lu Han doesn’t let it distract him, though. He’d worked a long, grueling shift tonight, one of six in a row, and tonight, finally, he is going to enjoy his time.

He’s comfortably drunk as it approaches midnight, and he keeps pulling out his phone to check the time. Yifan will be calling soon. He doesn’t want to miss it.

The doorbell rings, and Baekhyun and Yixing exchange a look. “Lu Han,” Baekhyun calls. He hasn’t moved from his perch on Jongdae’s knee, but Jongdae doesn’t look like he minds a whole lot. Lu Han thinks that has something to do with how his hands have mysteriously disappeared from sight and Baekhyun’s flush. “Can you grab that?”

Lu Han sighs and sets his drink down. “You’re not a very good host, you know,” he tells Baekhyun, and Baekhyun shrugs, leaning back until he’s resting against Jongdae’s chest. He looks really pleased with himself, enough so that Lu Han feels a bit suspicious. There’s about a fifty/fifty chance that Baekhyun is setting him up. Maybe it’ll be delivery, and Baekhyun’s planning on sticking him with the bill. Wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s not a delivery guy.

“Happy New Year,” Yifan says, and all Lu Han can do is laugh. Yifan is wearing a rumpled suit and he looks like he came straight from the airport, just for Lu Han, and that makes Lu Han’s breath come short. “Surprise?”

There’s a tightness in Lu Han’s chest, and he has to press his lips together to hold back the grin that’s threatening to break his face. Yifan’s job is important to him, so Lu Han has tried not to complain about his absences, but Yifan isn’t always the most unaware. He’d come back for Lu Han. It feels so big. “I love you,” he says. “I love you.”

Yifan’s grin is all gum and straight white teeth and it makes him look so goofy. “Yeah?” he says, and Lu Han snorts. He winds a hand in Yifan’s tie and pulls him down to kiss him. It hasn’t been that long, really, but Yifan’s hands fit so well against Lu Han’s waist and his lips are so plush and he doesn’t pull away again until Jongdae and Baekhyun are catcalling from the couch.

“You missed the countdown,” Jongin calls. Lu Han can feel the press of Yifan’s hand against the small of his back and the weight of his smile and he’s pretty sure he didn’t miss anything.

AND WE'RE DONE!! many kisses for the army of people who betaed for me in my time of need, you're all angels. WHOO I'M FREE HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y'ALL

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