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fic advent 2013: day twenty-four

for ebie ♥
pg-13, 2k words
"kaiyeol. something with sailing and cold water and flannel and bundling up with one another and fucking by the fire and forests and foggy mornings."

It’s weird, being so far away from civilization, but Jongin thinks it’s pretty nice. When Chanyeol had suggested that they go away for their holidays, Jongin had thought of somewhere warm maybe, somewhere he could lay on the beach and read or go swimming or whatever. He hadn’t really considered this.

The cottage they’ve rented is absolutely beautiful, and it’s nearly an hour away from the nearest convenience store. He thinks there might be a couple of neighbours somewhere around here, but nowhere within shouting distance. The house itself is modestly sized, a couple of bedrooms and an enormous fireplace, but Jongin’s favourite part is the view by the river. With the fine layer of snow and the trees, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Long arms wind around Jongin’s waist as Chanyeol hooks his chin on his shoulder. “Good morning,” Chanyeol says. His low voice is rough with sleep and his hands look so big pressed against Jongin’s belly. “Sleep well?” It doesn’t surprise Jongin anymore, when Chanyeol drapes himself over his shoulders, bony and warm and present. His affection can be kind of overwhelming, but in a good way. Jongin is always the centre of his attention, and he likes it. He likes it a lot.

“It’s so quiet out here,” Jongin says. It’d taken a few nights to get used to it, to the lack of traffic and the way that the snow dampened all the sounds, but he’s never slept so well in his life. “Let’s stay forever. Never leave.”

Chanyeol pushes his face into the space between Jongin’s neck and shoulder and he laughs. “Okay,” he says. “We can quit our jobs, go off the grid. You can teach the squirrels to dance and I’ll make money chopping wood.”

Jongin likes his job, but there’s something so tempting about the idea of just picking up and leaving. Moving somewhere like this, somewhere it’s just them and the quiet and his books and Chanyeol’s laughter. “Squirrels?” he scoffs, trying to gently untangle himself from Chanyeol’s grip. It doesn’t work very well. Chanyeol just pulls him closer. “Don’t be stupid. It’d be the rabbits, duh.”

“Rabbits,” Chanyeol mumbles against Jongin’s throat, his hand starting to slowly, inexorably creep up under the hem of Jongin’s shirt. “I like rabbits.”

Jongin needs to cut this off now, before they waste another whole day here tangled up in bed. “I like you,” he says, and he can feel the curve of Chanyeol’s mouth against his skin. “But weren’t we supposed to go out in the boat this morning?” He pulls at Chanyeol’s wrists although he’s kind of loathe to make him let go - his hands feel so nice pressed against him.

“It can wait?” Chanyeol tries, but he lets Jongin pry him away. He’s not making any of this easy. He pushes his bottom lip out, and that’s totally playing dirty. He knows how much Jongin likes his mouth, and it’s even more tempting with the way that his too long hair is mussed from sleep. “The river will still be there in a few hours, you know.”

He’s already pulling at Jongin’s shirt again, tugging him close and pressing his lips against the hinge of Jongin’s jaw. It’s been over a year and Chanyeol still makes Jongin flush, makes him giddy with the attention. “You promised,” Jongin reminds him, because he had. Wasn’t that the whole point of this trip? The great outdoors? “You said you’d teach me.”

Chanyeol huffs, kissing Jongin one last time before peeling himself away. “Did I do that?” he asks.

“Uh huh.” Jongin plants his hands on Chanyeol’s shoulders and turns him around, steering him towards the kitchen. “Breakfast first, though. Joonmyun hyung would be so disappointed in us if we forgot the most important meal of the day.”

“Alright, alright,” Chanyeol sighs.

He looks just put out enough that Jongin stretches up on his toes to press his lips against the back of Chanyeol’s neck quickly. He likes the way it makes Chanyeol melt a little, pliant under Jongin’s hands. “Thank you,” Jongin says, and Chanyeol flashes him a bright smile.


It takes them nearly an hour to make breakfast and eat, because Chanyeol keeps getting distracted and Jongin finds it hard to eat when Chanyeol is stretching his long legs into Jongin’s lap and wiggling his feet around. Finally, though, they do, and then it’s time to bundle up and head out. Jongin’s never been a big fan of layers, he’s always pretty warm in general, but Chanyeol insists.

That’s why he’s standing here now, letting Chanyeol tug a big hat over his head and wind a thick scarf around his neck. “You’ll thank me later,” Chanyeol says. Jongin’s already sweating, so he’s not really sure that’s true, but it’s okay. Chanyeol looks cute with his brow furrowed in concentration, tucking the ends of Jongin’s scarf in so that it won’t unwind on its own.

“Can we go now?” Jongin whines, watching as Chanyeol tugs on his boots, fumbling with the laces. “Please? It’s going to be dark by the time we get in the water, I swear.” He feels overheated in all these layers, and though he knows it’s cold out, it’s pretty damn warm in here. Chanyeol needs to pick up the pace.

“I’m ready, I’m ready,” Chanyeol laughs, and he opens the door for Jongin with a big, sweeping flourish. “After you,” he intones.

The mid-morning sun is bright and warm, providing a nice counterpoint to the bite of the winter wind. Chanyeol leads the way down to the dock, crunching enthusiastically through the thin layer of snow and chattering about how he used to do this with his sister when he was a kid. He’s got a tight grip on Jongin’s hand, and even through the double layer of mittens (Chanyeol’s are bright red, Jongin’s are black) Jongin can feel the heat of his fingers.

Chanyeol directs Jongin to get in first, and he approaches it carefully, thankful for his excellent sense of balance. He’s a little more concerned with Chanyeol, though, especially when he unties the boat and practically leaps into it. “Chanyeol!” Jongin yelps, but Chanyeol wobbles gracelessly and miraculously recovers, beaming that smile at him. “You better not fall in,” Jongin warns, shoving a life jacket at Chanyeol. He’s not sure what he would’ve done if Chanyeol had toppled into the water. He’s not a particularly strong swimmer and the water has to be so cold right now.

Still smiling, Chanyeol buckles on his life jacket. “I won’t,” he promises. “I’m a professional at this. Don’t you trust me?”

Marginally. “Sure,” Jongin says. The cold is creeping down his collar and he pushes his hands between his thighs. Maybe Chanyeol had something with this bundling up nonsense.

Chanyeol raises his eyebrows and holds out a paddle. “Time for lessons!” he says. Oh boy. Jongin takes the paddle gingerly and Chanyeol smiles encouragingly. Jongin loves his boyfriend, he really, truly does, but for a fleeting moment, he wonders if this is all going to end in a very cold, watery death. “Here we go!”

Jongin shakes his head and takes a deep breath. They’re not that far from shore, anyway.


Of course, they survive, and barely anyone gets splashed in the process. They spend a couple of hours paddling aimlessly around in circles until Jongin gets the rhythm right. In his defense, Chanyeol’s instructions are hard to understand when they’re spinning around and Chanyeol is laughing too hard to speak. This is why Jongin is the one who teaches, usually.

Chanyeol grabs Jongin’s face with his damp mittens once they’re back on shore, the boat safely tied up once more. “You did really good,” he says, and Jongin colours a little under the praise because Chanyeol is just so earnest. “The first time I went out with my sister, I overturned the boat like three times.”

Considering Chanyeol’s long, ungainly frame and his complete lack of grace, he’s lucky that number was so low. “Thanks,” Jongin mutters, but then Chanyeol bumps their noses together and he can’t help but laugh. “I’m glad we didn’t die.”

Chanyeol claps a hand to his chest. “I’m wounded,” he says. “You didn’t think I would protect you?”

The sun is warm against Jongin’s cold face, and so is Chanyeol’s arm, hooked in his. “No,” he says serenely. “I thought we had about a fifty/fifty chance of survival.” And that’s being generous.

Chanyeol kicks at the snow as they walk back up to the cottage. “Bad boyfriend,” he accuses, pulling away from Jongin with a huff. He marches back to the cottage, just fast enough that Jongin has to run to catch up to him, tugging at his hood. “I don’t like you anymore.”

It’s lucky that he’s always been easy to appease, though. Jongin pushes him in through the door, tugging Chanyeol’s scarf down to catch his mouth in a kiss. As always, Chanyeol melts under the attention, knocking Jongin’s hat off so he can tangle a hand in his hair, pull him close. All that paddling and layering and getting laughed at is all worth it when Chanyeol’s lips are on his, desperate and slick and so nice. “Someone’s eager,” Jongin mumbles, even as Chanyeol is growling in frustration, tugging at his scarf and jacket. “You know, this is your own fault.”

“Less talk,” Chanyeol says sternly. Jongin could help him, but it’s funnier to watch Chanyeol fumble with the toggles on his jacket. “More naked.” It takes him forever, but he finally gets Jongin’s jacket off. It’s less funny, then, because Chanyeol is uncannily skilled at peeling Jongin’s clothes off. Jongin doesn’t mind, cause it’s more efficient. Chanyeol is so single-minded that it’s only a matter of minutes before they’re down to their boxers and sprawled out in front of the fireplace.

“It’s cold,” Jongin says. Chanyeol hums and slides his knee between Jongin’s thighs, mouthing his way down Jongin’s throat. He’s not that heavy, all long limbs and narrow waist, but he’s got enough muscle in his arms to hold Jongin down. Jongin likes the weight of him, his body pressing him down against the rug, but it’s starting to get dark and if they don’t get the fire going soon, they’re going to regret it. “Chanyeol.”

He can feel Chanyeol’s cock against his thigh, halfway to hard as he does his best to suck a mark into Jongin’s chest. “I’ll get you hot,” he replies, and Jongin groans, shoving at his shoulders.

“Light the fire,” he says sternly, even as Chanyeol nips at his throat. It sends sparks down his spine, and although Jongin is loathe to let Chanyeol go (it really is cold now that they’re down to next to no clothing), one of them has to have common sense. “Then you can do whatever you’d like.”

Chanyeol pouts again, but then his expression gets wicked. “Anything?” he asks, and then he’s off like a flash, crouching in front of the fireplace to light it. Like this, he almost looks like he’s got an ass. Jongin tips his head. It’s a nice angle.

“Almost anything,” Jongin amends.

Chanyeol snorts, but he’s got the fire going now and he turns back to Jongin. “Good enough?” he asks.

Jongin can hear the wind blowing outside, and the last light of the day slants through the window, throwing long shadows across the floor. It’s getting cold, but the fire is starting to crackle in the fireplace and the rug beneath him is nice and thick. “Perfect,” Jongin corrects him, and Chanyeol grins, launching himself forward and pinning Jongin to the floor. And he means it. This is perfect.

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