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fic advent 2013: day sixteen

for anon ♥
baekhyun/kyungsoo (...sorta)
pg, 860 words
"It's a cold december and kyungsoo wants baekhyun to warm him up."

It’s getting pretty cold by the time Kyungsoo makes it back to their apartment, and snowy too. He stomps in the front hall and shivers with his whole body, shaking snow off his shoulders and trying to warm himself up. He can see the red of his nose and ears in the hall mirror and he frowns at them. “It’s freezing,” he announces, sliding out of his puffy coat as he toes off his shoes.

“Then put on a sweater,” Baekhyun calls. He looks pretty cozy in his nest of blankets on the couch, and he doesn’t look away from the drama he’s watching.

Kyungsoo would be miffed, but he’s fairly used to it at this point. Besides, Baekhyun deserves it. Finals week had been long and hard on both of them, and since Baekhyun is not only showered but wearing something new, something that is not pajamas, Kyungsoo thinks he can give him a pass. But only this once. “I am wearing a sweater,” he points out.

He stands at the doorway and rubs his hands together, trying to regain feeling in his fingertips, but Baekhyun still doesn’t look up. Kyungsoo purses his lips, but he doesn’t say anything. It’s a little bit disappointing, really. Between finals and Kyungsoo’s tutoring gig, the two of them haven’t really seen each other in a good couple of weeks. He doesn’t think sleeping counts, really, especially not when Baekhyun has already passed out by the time Kyungsoo gets in bed. Also he drools.

So, it would’ve been nice to have gotten a warm welcome when he came home. Literally, too. He curls a hand around one of his ears, but they’re still cold to the touch. Ouch.

Kyungsoo sets about making himself some tea. No better way to warm up, after all. “Can you make me a cup too?” Baekhyun says from the couch. He bends his head back over the couch and flashes his best winsome grin at Kyungsoo before turning back to the TV.

“Of course,” Kyungsoo replies, his voice laden with as much disdain and distaste as he can muster.

In front of the television, he can see Baekhyun wave a hand. “Thanks, baby,” he says.

Kyungsoo clicks his tongue. He’s too tired for Baekhyun’s games tonight. He spent most of his evening with a sweet freshman who’s desperate to pass his chemistry finals and it means he’s spent enough of his day puzzling out mysteries that he has no taste for it when he gets home. He stares at the kettle and he sighs.

Once it’s boiled, Kyungsoo pours them each a mug and heads to the couch. Baekhyun only sticks his arms out from underneath his blanket to make grabby hands at his tea, and then he curls up with it, eyes fixed on the TV. It must be a good one, Kyungsoo thinks. He vaguely recognizes the actor on screen, but he’s never paid much attention to Baekhyun’s shows. At least the couch is more comfortable than the library chair he’s been in all day, and his tea is hot, warming him up from the inside out.

Kyungsoo is nodding off when the credits roll, so he’s not expecting the way that Baekhyun curls into his side and sighs. “That’s the fourth episode I’ve watched today,” Baekhyun confesses, and Kyungsoo can see the edges of his grin from where he’s got his face buried in Kyungsoo’s shoulder. “I’m nearly caught up now. I couldn’t tear myself away.”

The weight of his body is warm and familiar against Kyungsoo’s and he really should’ve known that a marathon session was what was making Baekhyun so single-minded about this. “Let me guess,” he says. “Just one more?”

“Two,” Baekhyun corrects. “I’ve missed so much while I was studying.” He’s being flippant, but Kyungsoo knows he kind of means it. School has never really come easily to Baekhyun, and every grade he gets is earned through hours upon hours of diligent study. They’re in their last year and Baekhyun has worked even harder. Even now, when Baekhyun’s last exam is two days behind him, he still has the traces of dark circles beneath his eyes.

Kyungsoo sighs. “Well,” he says. “What are you waiting for? Put it on already. The sooner these things are over, the sooner you can get to bed.”

Baekhyun laughs, flicking on the next episode. “I think you mean we,” he corrects Kyungsoo, shifting to settle his head in Kyungsoo’s lap. “You’re not going anywhere, you know.”

Kyungsoo’s got another tutoring session in the morning and it’s already late, but it’s hard to argue when Baekhyun pushes his cheek against Kyungsoo’s thigh and turns intently back to the TV. This is the longest time they’ve spent together in weeks. Well, Kyungsoo thinks, settling his hand on the back of Baekhyun’s neck, his thumb rubbing against the soft hair there. Maybe he can nap sitting up.

He exhales in a rush and Baekhyun punches him in the knee. “Quiet,” he warns. “I don’t want to miss anything.”

Serenely, Kyungsoo slides his hand up higher and tugs at Baekhyun’s hair, hard. He smiles when Baekhyun squawks. He’s missed this.

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