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fic advent 2013: day twelve

for [personal profile] devilstay
pg-13, 900 words
"catboy!tao and puppyboy!kai run away from the store that owns them, explore the outside world for a bit, hide from the rain and make out"

Zitao has never liked the rain, and right now, Jongin is pretty sure he hates it. They’d gotten caught in the downpour right as the sun was heading down, and now the two of them are huddled in a doorway, waiting for a break in the rain. It doesn’t look too hopeful. Zitao shivers, thin sweater plastered to his body and his dark, pointed ears soaked and pressed flat against his head. “This was a dumb idea,” he mutters, pushing futilely at his wet bangs, which are hanging in his eyes. The shelter is too far away for them to make a run for it now, especially with the way it’s coming down.

“No,” Jongin argues, shaking his head. He still has the taste of ice cream on his tongue, something he hasn’t had in years, and even if he’s just as wet as Zitao is, he doesn’t think today is a complete loss. Jongin’s been at the shelter for years, and Zitao’s been there for almost as long. Every adoptee reaches a point where they stop being cute and start becoming troublesome, and the two of them kinda ran past that point a long time ago. It’s not a bad place to live, the shelter, but there isn’t a ton of room for extras like ice cream, or runs in the park. “No, I had fun,” Jongin says.

“I’m cold,” Zitao whines. He’s not kidding, either, his lips are almost blue, and despite his long arms wrapped around his chest, he’s still shaking. Joonmyun had eyed the two of them as they’d slipped through the door in the morning, warning Zitao that he’d be cold, and he should at least take an extra sweater, but they’d ignored him. They only had a short window to escape, and they needed to take it.

It’s easier for Jongin. He’s always been warmer-blooded, and water doesn’t bother him nearly as much. “Come here,” he says softly. He’d offer Zitao his sweater, but the two of them are equally soaked. Instead, he slides his arms around Zitao’s waist, tucking his nose into the wet curve of Zitao’s throat. Zitao clings to him, pushing his wet hands under the hem of Jongin’s shirt and pressing them against his skin. He squirms close, trying to flatten his body against Jongin’s. “Thank you for buying me ice cream,” Jongin mumbles.

Zitao hums against Jongin’s hair. Whoever said cats and dogs can’t get along never met the two of them, Jongin thinks. Zitao noses against against Jongin’s soft ear. “I’m still cold,” he grumbles. “And wet.” He lashes his tail in irritation, and then hisses when the tip of it gets caught in the rain, burrowing closer against Jongin’s chest.

Jongin knows why Zitao had planned this outing. Between Jongin’s futile attempts to find a job and his tasks around the shelter, he hasn’t really been outside in a really long time. Maybe he hadn’t been as good as he’d thought he’d been about covering up his upset. “Yeah, but still.” He prods a finger against Zitao’s ribs. “Thank you.”

“That’s not a thank you,” Zitao chides him, and he butts his head against Jongin’s until he tips his mouth up and kisses him. Zitao kisses the same way he does everything, fiercely, affectionately. He nips at Jongin’s lip and immediately soothes it with a swipe of his tongue. Jongin probably should’ve thought of this earlier - there’s no better way to warm Zitao up and distract him at the same time than by kissing.

He lets Zitao pin him against the doorframe, hoping faintly that the dark will cover them. It’s easy to forget the cold and the wet when Zitao pulls at his hair, licking at the back of his teeth, setting off a slow burn in his ribcage. “Easy!” Jongin laughs, pushing at his shoulder, but Zitao just grins, closing his teeth on the tip of Jongin’s nose for a second and pins him harder.

Jongin ends up with his tail pinned uncomfortably against the wall and he yelps. It sounds loud in the empty street and Jongin clamps a hand over his mouth, eyes wide. “Are you okay?” Zitao asks quietly, the corners of his mouth pulling up. He lets Jongin up for a second, swiping a hand down his back to free his tail.

It sends a quick jolt of heat down Jongin’s spine and then they’re both laughing, Zitao’s hands fisted in the front of Jongin’s damp shirt. Zitao isn’t shivering anymore, and Jongin likes that. He leans forward to press a kiss to the corner of Zitao’s lips, and Zitao lets out a tiny noise, brushing his nose against Jongin’s.

“Oh, look,” he says. “It’s stopped raining.” He pulls away, and Jongin feels the cold night air against his skin. “Come on.”

Jongin lets Zitao pull at his wrist, but he drags his feet. “We’re going back?” he asks. It’s not that he doesn’t like the shelter, and he doesn’t know where else they could go, but - “Already?”

Zitao tips his head, and for a second, he looks purely feline. “Shower, Jongin,” he says, raising one eyebrow. Oh. Oh. “I’ll take you out again. Promise.”

Good enough for him. “Okay,” Jongin agrees, and Zitao smiles at him, pleased. “If you promise.”

He chases Zitao down the street, their feet splashing in puddles as they race home.

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