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fic advent 2013: day eleven

for [personal profile] hyperlydian
pg, 1.1k words
"so much of me wants someone to write adult chanyeol with a son and a puppy or something"
clearly i'm a champ at interpreting prompts

This isn’t exactly the life that Chanyeol had expected for himself.

It’s a cold day, and Chanyeol jiggles his leg, trying to keep warm. Out in front of him, Sara and Pumpkin aren’t really having the same problem. Sara laughs, cheeks pink, and raises one hand to throw a ball as far as she possibly can. It’s not all that far. “That’s my girl,” Chanyeol calls, grinning, because she definitely inherited that lack of athletic ability from him. Pumpkin doesn’t mind much, either. He dives through the snow, moving as quickly as his little legs will take him. Kyungsoo says he’s unhealthy, as fat as he is, but Chanyeol thinks that’s dumb. He’s just extra prepared for the winter, that’s all.

Chanyeol watches as fat little Pumpkin tumbles into the snow and roots around for the ball, coming up covered in white and triumphant. Pumpkin may not be very bright, or very fast for that matter, but he is pretty determined. Chanyeol admires that about him. He bounds back to Sara, charging into her legs and sending her toppling backwards. She lets out a little shriek and Chanyeol straightens, craning his neck until she sits up again, laughing as Pumpkin licks her face.

When Chanyeol had thought about his future, this wasn’t it. He’d figured his adulthood would involve at very least a decade of irresponsible fun. Isn’t that the whole point of being an adult? Finally getting out of the house so you can party all night, sleep all day, and live on cereal and ramyun? But then in university, he’d met Jinri. They’d spent a year together, split amicably, but then nine months later, Chanyeol had Sara.

It’d been the right choice. Chanyeol skated through university by the skin of his teeth, acing the classes he was interested in and sleeping through the rest. By contrast, Jinri was ambitious, driven. She had a plan, a promising career in design, and it didn’t make sense for her to put everything on pause.

It’d been...weird. That was for sure. Chanyeol’s never been much good at looking after himself sometimes, much less a tiny person, and it’d been a rough adjustment. A lot of long, sleepless nights, a lot of desperate phonecalls to his mom, and he’d pretty much made it all up as he went along, but, well. He thinks he’s getting the hang of it now. “Daddy, look!” Sara demands. She’s kneeling in the snow now, red mittens bright against the white of the snowball she’s shaping. “Look, daddy. I’m making a snowman!”

She gets that from him too, he thinks. Pumpkin sniffs curiously at what she’s doing and loses interest, instead heading off to hunt down his ball again. A hand lands on Chanyeol’s shoulder and he looks up, smiling. “Shouldn’t you be out there with her?” Kyungsoo asks. He slides onto the bench next to him. “I remember that morning in second year when you were so strung out on energy drinks and lack of sleep during exams that you decided the best way to study psychology involved some really creepy snowmen.”

Hah. That was a good time. What Chanyeol remembers of it, at least. “I’m not prepared,” Chanyeol says, gesturing down at his clothes. His sweater makes him look very dashing, he thinks, but is probably not the best for playing in the snow.

Daddy,” Sara snaps. She’s got her arms crossed over her chest. “You’re not looking.”

Kyungsoo throws Chanyeol a look, one that says where have I heard that before? and then smiles at Sara. “Your daddy’s an idiot,” he tells her. “That’s a nice snowman you’ve got there.”

Sara huffs. “I know,” she says, bottom lip pushing out in a pout.

Chanyeol thinks it’s criminal that his six year old has him this wrapped around her little finger. “You’re awful,” he tells Kyungsoo, who only shrugs a shoulder. “Turning my own daughter against me.” He pushes his coffee back at Kyungsoo and presses a kiss against his temple. Time to go to work.

Ten minutes later, his hands are pretty much numb, his pants are soaked to the knees, and he’s got water dripping down his back from where Sara shoved snow down his collar, but their snowman is bitchin’. “Good work, baby,” Chanyeol says, ruffling Sara’s hair. Pumpkin has long since lost interest in what they’re doing, curling up at Kyungsoo’s feet by the bench instead in the hopes of getting a snack. He’s barking up the wrong tree, Kyungsoo will never fold. “A real work of art.”

They didn’t have a carrot for his nose, so they had to use stones for all his features, but he still thinks he turned out pretty good. “Thanks,” Sara says. She’s tired now, spent all morning running around with Pumpkin and now she’s ready for a break. She sits down in the snow next to Chanyeol and leans her head against his shoulder.

“Hard workers deserve a reward,” Chanyeol decides, and Sara looks up at him, half suspicious and half hopeful. “Hot chocolate?”

Sara grins at him, and her smile is pure Jinri. “I like you the best,” she decides. She climbs to her feet and pulls at his hands until he follows, groaning and exclaiming like an old man. It’s exaggerated but wow, his knees are gonna kill in a few hours. He’s getting too old for this shit.

“Thanks, kiddo,” he says. Her mittens are wet and her fingers are cold underneath them, so he takes a second to rub her hands between his, warm them up. “That means a lot to me,” he tells her solemnly. She rolls her eyes and scoffs at him, like she’s embarrassed. She’s six, she’s not old enough to be embarrassed of him yet. That’s supposed to wait until her teenage years.

Kyungsoo is clipping the leash onto Pumpkin when they approach. “C’mon, Uncle Kyungsoo,” Sara says excitedly. “Daddy’s getting us hot chocolate.”

The affectionate curve of Kyungsoo’s mouth sets off a flood of warmth in Chanyeol’s chest. “I guess he’s not so bad,” he says. Pumpkin pulls at the leash, sniffing eagerly at the snow.

“Maybe,” Sara agrees. She looks up at Chanyeol mischievously, her little hand tight in his.

“I’ll take a maybe,” Chanyeol says.

Yeah, it’s not what he’d imagined a couple of years ago, that’s for sure. If someone had told him that in seven years, he’d be settled down with a kid and a little dog, Chanyeol would have probably laughed them out of the room. Doesn’t seem so bad from this side of things, that’s for sure.

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