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fic advent 2013: day seven

for [ profile] bya_kuya777
pg, 1.1k words
"Jongdae and Jongin are Minseok's kitties. They're naughty. But tons of fun."

An empty bed and the smell of cooking food wake Minseok up, and he pushes up on one elbow, disoriented. The slant of sunlight through the window says it’s later than he’d anticipated, and he’s not used to being the last one to wake up. He rubs at his eyes, yawning. It’s been a while since he had a chance to sleep in late.

It takes him a few seconds to really shake off sleep, and then he slides off the bed, reaching for a pair of boxers to tug on. He finds Jongin and Jongdae in the kitchen, bent over the stove. Jongin is frowning in determination over a pan, his tail swaying in slow loops.

“Oh, no,” Jongdae flaps a hand at Minseok, trying to shoo him out of the room. His ears flatten against his head in irritation. “Get out of here. We’re not done!” Jongdae has hijacked Minseok’s apron, and it’s probably a good thing, since the two of them are covered in flour, head to toe. Jongin is worst off, even his soft ears coloured white with the stuff and a smear across his cheekbone. He’s never been able to cook without making a mess.

“Smells good,” Minseok comments. He’s kind of surprised to find it’s true. Jongin and Jongdae aren’t exactly disasters in the kitchen, but before they’d come to him, training in cooking wasn’t a priority. Most days, it’s Minseok who handles that end of things so this...this is nice. “What are you making?”

Jongin holds the pan out for Minseok to see. “Pancakes,” he says proudly. They don’t look half bad, Minseok’s pretty impressed.

“But you’re ruining everything,” Jongdae says. He carefully wiggles a spatula underneath Jongin’s pancake, tail still behind him as he focuses. “We can’t bring you breakfast in bed if you’re not in bed.” He hits Minseok with the back of his free hand.

As Jongdae adds the last pancake to the pile, Jongin curls himself around Minseok’s shoulders. “Happy birthday,” Jongin says quietly, bumping his nose up against Minseok’s cheek. The height difference makes it a bit awkward, but Jongin’s never much minded that. He’s nice and warm against Minseok’s bare skin, tail brushing possessively against Minseok’s wrist. Jongin’s not very much of a feline - he likes to nap, it’s true, but he’s a bit shy and affectionate as anything. Minseok likes that about him. He likes the way that Jongin folds himself around him and presses his cheek against his.

“Thank you, baby,” Minseok says, reaching over his shoulder with one hand to stroke the back of Jongin’s neck.

“Enough,” Jongdae tells them, and he snaps a towel at the two of them. “Go back to bed so we can start your birthday right.”

Rolling his eyes, Minseok lets Jongin steer them back to the bedroom and tuck him into the sheets. “How long have you guys been up?” Minseok asks.

“A while,” Jongin says. He climbs onto the end of the bed and folds his legs up underneath himself. “We’ve been planning this for weeks. We have all today planned out.”

The two of them have been secretive for a while, and Minseok assumed that they had something planned, but not a whole day. He can’t help but smile. “Everything?” he asks.

“Yes,” Jongdae says as he comes in. He’s carrying a plate piled high with pancakes, whipped cream, and berries, and grinning in a very self-satisfied way. It looks kind of amazing. Minseok hadn’t even realized how hungry he was until right now. “Everything. Are you doubting us?”

“Of course not,” Minseok says dryly, but he doesn’t push it. He wants those pancakes.

Jongin twists around to pull a little tray table out from underneath the bed and sets it up in Minseok’s lap. They really have figured out all the little details, and Minseok feels a rush of warmth as Jongdae settles the pancakes in front of him. “You always do it for us,” Jongin says, reaching out to steal a strawberry off the top of Minseok’s tower of pancakes. “Those waffles for my birthday were awesome.”

“So, we decided to to return the favour,” Jongdae says. He’s laid out next to Minseok, watching expectantly. “Well? Come on, you better eat those. I spent all morning slaving over a hot stove -” Jongin makes an outraged noise around more strawberries, ears flattening, and Jongdae holds up a hand in apology. “- and Jongin helped. A little.”

Minseok rolls his eyes. “I’m touched,” he says, only sort of sarcastically. The pancakes are really tasty, though. He widens his eyes and nods enthusiastically, taking forkful after forkful. Not a bad way to start the day, not bad at all. “It’s good,” he says through a mouthful of food, and Jongin beams. His lips are red from the berries, and there’s a smudge of whipped cream at the corner of his mouth, and Minseok laughs.

“Of course it is,” Jongdae says. He glances over at Jongin and crooks his finger at him. Jongin blinks at him, confused, so Jongdae goes to him, pretty much climbing into his lap and licking the whipped cream from his lips. Suddenly, Minseok’s hunger doesn’t seem so important.

“Hey,” he says. Jongin is nosing at Jongdae’s throat, sticky fingers curling into the front of Jongdae’s dirty apron. “Were the pancakes a trap? Tie me down with food while you two have fun?”

“Hyung,” Jongin laughs. Minseok is certain that when Jongdae licks very firmly across the corner of Jongin’s mouth and then at the back of his teeth, he’s definitely fucking with him. “It’s not a trap,” Jongin adds breathlessly.

Jongdae turns to look over his shoulder, eyes half-lidded in a way that makes Minseok’s breath catch in his throat. “It’s a show,” Jongdae tells him. He tugs at Jongin’s oversized sleep shirt, exposing bronzed collarbones. “Better finish your pancakes.”

He’s a bit tempted to argue just to be contrary, but then Jongin reaches out to scoop up a fingerful of whipped cream. Jongdae sucks his finger into his mouth, and both of them fix their eyes on Minseok, heavy enough to make him swallow. They sit back again, but now he can see their tails tangled together, and Jongin is nosing at Jongdae’s throat. Minseok can hear him purring from over here. Oh, he’s got a great day ahead of him. “Happy birthday to me,” Minseok says, and he gets to work on his breakfast.

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