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ficlet dump

tao/sehun, pg-13, 750w
college au. lazy morning.

The blaring of an alarm cuts through the room and drags Zitao up out of sleep. He groans, squirming to escape from the sound and pressing his face into Sehun's bony shoulder. “Make it stop,” he mumbles. His mouth tastes disgusting and his head aches, a result, no doubt, of last night's get-together at Chanyeol's. He really doesn't want to be awake right now.

Apparently, neither does Sehun. He makes a noise in the back of his throat, and out of the corner of his eye, Zitao can see him grimace. He makes no move to get up, though, and Zitao is torn. On the one hand, Sehun's alarm is grating and loud, which he supposes is probably its job. On the other, Zitao is draped across Sehun's chest, face pushed into his throat, and he likes the way that Sehun's hand rests on the small of his back. It's a dilemma.

The alarm is really annoying, though. It's definitely not helping the dull throb behind his eyes. Lazily, Zitao slaps his hand against Sehun's belly. “Make it stop,” he says again, more insistently, digging his fingers in.

Sehun stretches out his arm towards his alarm clock. It's on his desk, just out of reach, presumably an attempt to make it harder to ignore. His fingertips brush against the side before his arm flops limply away. “Can't reach,” Sehun mumbles. He shifts around as much as he can in his narrow dorm bed, twisting towards Zitao and nudging him back until he's pinned against the wall.

If Zitao were more awake, he'd probably object to this, but he kind of likes being boxed in by Sehun, all broad shoulders and long legs. He curls his arms around Sehun's narrow waist and yawns. Maybe if they wait it out, the alarm will just stop on its own.

They don't have to wait that long. A pillow flies across the room and thumps into the back of Sehun's head. When Zitao peers around his shoulder, he sees Jongin yanking on a pair of sweatpants and slapping off Sehun's alarm. Hell hath no fury like a Jongin awakened early. “I'm going to Lu Han's room and I'm never coming back,” he tells them darkly, pulling futilely at his sleep-mussed hair and stomping out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Oops,” Sehun deadpans. Zitao laughs, dropping his forehead to rest against Sehun's chest. A very small part of him points out that Sehun has a bio study group in an hour, hence the alarm. Sehun has always taken his studying seriously. It seems unimportant right now, though, when Sehun's fingers are tracing circles on his back and Zitao can feel his heartbeat against his cheek. What could be more important than this?

Eventually, slowly, Sehun rouses himself. “Who plans study groups before noon on a Saturday?” he says, grumpy.

Zitao, already dozing again, decides that he doesn't like this. He presses light, open-mouthed kisses to Sehun's chest, hooking a leg around Sehun's thigh to keep him close. “You agreed to it,” he points out, lips still pressed to Sehun's skin. “Your fault.”

He gets a feeble punch to the arm in return. “I should go,” Sehun says, but his reluctance is painted in the possessive hand he has around Zitao's neck and the unhurried press of his hips against Zitao's.

“Stay,” Zitao orders. He bites Sehun's shoulder, just hard enough that he'll feel it, and he takes pleasure in the faint mark it leaves behind. He wants to be selfish right now. He always wants to be selfish, with Sehun. “Tell them you're sick.”

“Kyungsoo will be mad,” Sehun points out, but his voice is soft, and he's toying with Zitao's hair now. His eyes are still half-lidded with sleep but the corners of mouth curl up and Zitao reaches up to trace his lips with a finger.

“Let him,” Zitao says, and he knows he's won. Sehun tips his head down and kisses him slowly.

Victory tastes like stale alcohol and sleep. “Gross,” Sehun tells him, pushing him away, and Zitao digs his knuckles into Sehun's ribs.

“You're gross,” he replies, and Sehun whines, half tugging, half petting Zitao's hair. He shifts to press his lips to Zitao's jaw instead, his cheek, his throat. Sometimes Zitao thinks that this is the Sehun he likes best, half-awake, unhurried mouth pressed to his skin, but most importantly, all Zitao's.

suho/luhan, pg, 1100w
late night rendezvous
for konnie ♥

The hand in Joonmyun's is warm, despite the cool of the empty corridor. “Come on.”

“Lu Han, I'm tired.” Joonmyun is a bit embarrassed by the whiny tone to his voice, but he is. It's late and he's exhausted, worn thin by long mornings of dance practice followed by nights of vocal training. The brutal pace is for their comeback, and he doesn't dare complain. He waited for seven years, and now he's finally got what he wanted. What is there to complain about?

Well, for one, Lu Han's boundless energy. “I know,” Lu Han says soothingly, but he doesn't let go of Joonmyun's hand, nor does he let up. “Just a little further.”

It's lucky for him that Joonmyun is completely incapable of resisting him, of resisting the curl of his fingers or the curve of his smile. Joonmyun exhales and doesn't say anything, and Lu Han turns for just long enough to flash an approving smile at him.

It's more than 'just a little further', but when they finally stop, Lu Han has dragged them up to one of the more remote corners of the SM building. They're nearly at the top of the building, and Joonmyun can hear music coming from one of the doors down the hall. He's almost certain that they're not supposed to be here.

“Don't,” Lu Han laughs, holding up a finger. “I can see you worrying. No one comes up here this time of night.” He wraps his arm around Joonmyun's waist and fits his chin to the spot where Joonmyun's neck meets his shoulder. Joonmyun lets him steer them until they're in front of a bay of windows, looking out.

The view isn't particularly impressive. They're not too high up, and they don't get a sweeping view of the city. There's still something beautiful about it, though. It's late enough that the streets are empty and still, and the lights left on still glow bright in the dark night. “Oh,” Joonmyun says softly, his breath short.

Lu Han tips his head so that his lips brush against Joonmyun's throat. “Isn't it nice?” he asks. “Sometimes I come up here to unwind after practice. Gives me time to slow down.” He has one hand splayed across Joonmyun's belly, warm and solid, and Joonmyun leans back into his touch.

“This is nice,” Joonmyun agrees, but he's not really talking about the view. Even back in training, it was always hard to get Lu Han alone. It's been even worse since debut. There's practice, vocal lessons, flights, and events, and he doesn't even get the chance to think, much less spend time one on one with members of their sister unit.

“Sap,” Lu Han says. His tone is flooded with affection. His breath against Joonmyun's skin sets goosebumps rising up his arms and back. Joonmyun can feel Lu Han's weight settle against his shoulders. He's not the only one who's feeling their punishing schedule right now. Joonmyun wishes he could do more than hold Lu Han up right now.

Joonmyun twists just a little, so that his head is resting against Lu Han's. “I miss you,” Joonmyun says.

Lu Han doesn't answer right away, just presses his lips to Joonmyun's pulse in a wordless reply. The faint strains of music from the door down the hall is the only sound Joonmyun can hear. Lu Han is pressed close enough to him that his heartbeat sounds against Joonmyun's spine and he closes his eyes. “I always miss you,” Lu Han says. His voice is barely a whisper.

They have to go soon. The car will be waiting for them, and every minute they stay here is one less precious minute of sleep. For once, Joonmyun doesn't care. He'd sacrifice it all to stay here forever with Lu Han. He lays his hand on top of Lu Han's, lacing their fingers together.

“Do you think we'll ever get a second?” Joonmyun asks.

“Sure.” Lu Han's lips brush against Joonmyun's skin as he speaks. “When we retire.” Joonmyun can feel his smile against his skin.

Reluctantly, slowly, Lu Han pulls away, and Joonmyun, as always, turns towards him. It's instinctive, almost, Joonmyun's natural reaction to Lu Han's gravitational pull. Lu Han looks exhausted, dark circles under his eyes, but when he feels Joonmyun's eyes on him, his smile returns. It's strained, though. Joonmyun reaches up, smooths away the tension in Lu Han's lips with his thumb, then he fits his mouth to his.

There's nothing fancy about this kiss. Joonmyun cradles Lu Han's face in his hands and Lu Han digs his fingertips into Joonmyun's hips just enough for Joonmyun to feel it. Lu Han tastes like the lemon candies Kyungsoo had shared around three hours ago, a sharp bite of sugar that had been meant to help keep them awake. “I wish I could keep you,” Joonmyun sighs.

Lu Han snorts and presses his forehead to Joonmyun's, and this time, his smile is smaller, but genuine. “You're ridiculous,” he tells him.

Joonmyun's chest feels light, and he slides his hands down Lu Han's throat to rest on his shoulders. “Yeah,” he agrees. Lu Han kisses the tip of his nose.

“We have full group choreo practice tomorrow morning, don't we?” Lu Han asks suddenly.

Confused, Joonmyun straightens, pulls away so he can look at Lu Han properly. He looks serene, one of those sweet faces he pulls when he's scheming. “Yes,” Joonmyun says slowly. “Why?”

“Maybe you can keep me.”

It takes a few seconds for the meaning of Lu Han's words to sink in, and then a smile spreads across Joonmyun's lips. “The managers won't like it,” he says, but it's a weak protestation and they both know it.

“Oh good,” Lu Han says, and Joonmyun loves it when he smirks like that. Even tired, Lu Han has the energy to make Joonmyun smile. His fingers reach for Joonmyun's and he tugs him forward gently. “Come on,” he says. “Shouldn't we be getting back to the dorms?”

The thought of curling up in bed with Lu Han for once sends a rush of heat through Joonmyun's belly. “Yeah, let's go.”

“Race you.” Lu Han's off like a shot, somehow still has the energy to run after working so hard all day, but when he laughs, Joonmyun can't help but follow. When they slide to a stop against the door at the end of the hall, Joonmyun's hands find Lu Han's hips and they're both breathless, flushed, and grinning, so happy.

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oh my god your suhan ;_______; why do you give me these feelings, why

it makes me sad how this is pm their life (constantly having to work/be on the go, i mean when they're promoting lol) but i love how they can take comfort in each other here. and joonmyun is such a sap just the way i like it T______T
this is painfully sweet i love it so much ♥

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bc i want you to suffer with me, obviously

sap joonmyun is the only one for me. thank you for reading!!

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both pairings are my weakness sobs omg thank you for writing and sharing them <3

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anything with suho gets my vote and taohun crept up on me but they're so perf. thank you for reading!!

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Setao and suhan <3 both are adorable and droks and UGH I CAN'T WITH SAD SUHAN ㅠㅠ the world needs more fluff suho-luhan tbh

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any kind of fluff with suho is my fav. thank you so much for reading!!

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taohun needs to happen more. i love them. and jongin as the third wheel just makes it even better. taohun + jongin should be a thing. /nods
and the suhan is so cute! ;; ugh why are they so adorable? but ofc lu han is still scheming even in the sweetest moments. unsurprising. lol.
i loved these! :)

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taohun is one of my current fav pairings they're so cute together?? all hanging all over each other. (also maknae line <3____<3) thank you so much!!

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The taohun js so cute omg

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new favs <3____<3

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THE TAOHUN ;_________________; so adorable uguuuuu
AND THE SUHAN ;____________________________________________; i love luhan like this ♥

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yes you have uncovered my secret plan, death by cute!! curses, foiled again!! lmao thank you for reading!!

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Oh! I thought I was going to like the first one better because it caught so easily in my heart, but both stories make me want to grab and squish them. You are so good with them and their love.And of course the unconventional pairings makes it even better.

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i am all about the rarepairs!! thank you so much!!